Ranking every Cleveland Browns first round draft pick since 1999

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26. WR Corey Coleman, 2016 – 15th Overall

Unlike every other so far, Corey Coleman is a victim of circumstance. While not a first-round talent in earnest, Coleman is good enough to stick around an NFL team and has been doing that yearly since 2016. Injuries have, however, been his biggest issue to overcome. He’s struggled to be someone that can get reps regularly.

During his time in Cleveland, he only caught 56 passes for 718 yards and five touchdowns. He was plagued by injuries and inconsistent play.

Sadly for Coleman, his biggest highlight during his Browns tenure was being on Hard Knocks and demanding to get traded. He got his wish and ended up in Buffalo for just a seventh-round pick. That’s when things got worse for Coleman, who started to have injuries after injuries pop up and derail his career.

He’s attempted to make a comeback since leaving Cleveland but couldn’t catch on in Buffalo, New England, or New York (Giants). Now he’s with the Kansas City Chiefs, who are in a unique position to give Coleman a chance. They moved on from Tyreke Hill, and now they have to find bodies for Patrick Mahomes to throw to and that may just be Coleman.

Coleman will have to stay healthy though if he hopes to make the opening day roster.