Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James’ complaints only makes things worse

CLEVELAND, OH - JANUARY 20: LeBron James /

Changes need to be made to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ roster. As we wait for them though, don’t feel sorry for F LeBron James.

The what if game came to mind back recently with what the Cleveland Cavaliers could have added via trades in the past.

While on The Lowe Post, ESPN‘s Brian Windhorst discussed how LeBron James’ complaints regarding the Cavs’ roster dated back to the offseason when Cleveland didn’t trade for Paul George or Eric Bledsoe.

Instead, Cleveland dealt Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics in a trade where their return has not been ideal so far.

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While everything that has gone wrong this season isn’t all James’ fault, enough of it has led back to how he acted. No one expected J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson, Isaiah Thomas, and Jae Crowder to all play as bad they have. There’s not one single player that can overcome such inconsistent and disappointing play.

However, it has been evident for far too long that not enough accountability and leadership is expressed and handed out. Those aspects are key characteristics that James should show constantly.

There is no doubt that Cleveland has underperformed. Still, keeping the Cavaliers in limbo doesn’t help him or the team.

In addition, if it weren’t for James, both Smith and Thompson wouldn’t have been given the contracts they signed with Cleveland when they were up for new contracts.

In both of their individual games, their skill-sets are not worth the price they are signed too. However, because they’re James’ guys and being that the Cavs’ hands were tied not knowing what LBJ would do, Cleveland was essentially forced to offer those bad deals.

While James wanted Bledsoe, had he actually been traded to Cleveland, coach Tyronn Lue could have already been fired. Within the last year, two head coaches were fired by teams with Bledsoe on the rosters at the time.

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Then again, maybe those circumstances were just coincidental but on the other hand, it’s a fact that shouldn’t be ignored.

Rather than complaining about what could have been, how about James focusing on righting the ship? The expectation was that Cleveland would make it to the finals. Now, that is far from a guarantee.

Yes, Cleveland could potentially have gotten more for Irving. Thomas is not a long-term answer when healthy and the Cavs would be wise to move on from him if possible.

James is the leader for a reason and given that his complaints are hurting the team more than anything, no wonder Cleveland is not on track. In an ideal world, it’d be great if Thomas, Thompson, and if possible Smith are traded. To do that though, the Cavaliers will have to be creative.

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Cleveland is a mess. Once James changes how he acts and responds, then his teammates’ play should pick up. Until then, more dysfunction will continue.