NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns should pass on Mekhi Becton after failed test

Cleveland Browns Mekhi Becton (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Mekhi Becton (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Mekhi Becton has already failed one drug test heading into the start of his NFL career, and the Cleveland Browns should see that as a reason to stay away.

A great YouTube greater recently did a video on Tony Mandarich. Now, most older NFL fans will remember Mandarich as an NFL-bust with decent talent but relied too heavily on steroids. The YouTuber, FlemLo Raps, covered the story we’re all too familiar with but pointed out somethings that largely go untalked about. Firstly that Mandarich never failed a college drug test and secondly, that Mandarich was good enough to play in the NFL without steroids, but his desire to make the most he possibly could by being a first-round pick was too much temptation. This is a great historical note of reference for the Cleveland Browns as they near closer and closer to the NFL Draft, and whether or not they take Mekhi Becton.

Becton has already failed a drug test. For what? Who cares. Self-discipline isn’t something to casually disregard. If you know you’re going to be tested and you know your test is going to hurt your career, why would you risk it? No self-discipline. It doesn’t matter if Becton never popped in college, that happens all the time. The NCAA is scummy like that. Institutions protect their players. It also doesn’t matter if it’s steroids or marijuana. As Browns fans, we’ve seen what a habitual user looks like and how it destroys a career and a franchise.

Hey, Josh Gordon. How’s it going?

Becton’s career shouldn’t come to an immediate halt because of this. There’s every chance this was a one-time ingestion and that it may never happen again. Sure, that possibility does exist. Yet, at 21-years-old you better have a stronger sense of what to do, or what not to do. This whole “he’s still just a kid” doesn’t play anymore. You stopped being a kid in the eyes of many when you became responsible enough to drive a car. Becton doesn’t get to slide on this, nor does any other player. The country is dealing with more and more addiction cases throughout the years. Be it opioids, alcohol or even recreational “non-addictive” type of substances.

Being addicted to something is more about how your brain is wired than the substances you take. Sure some are highly potent and can get someone who doesn’t have addictive tendencies hooked, but that’s not always the case. For many, an addiction is less about the substance and more about the internal gratification one has while immersing themselves in it. Like me and how I latch onto anything involving Omar Vizquel bashing Jose Mesa.

For Becton, he should be given a chance. He’s not a bad young-man, at least that we’re aware of. He should be given a chance to play for a team, just not the Browns. The Browns have already had a slew of addicts and busts come through Cleveland, namely Gordon and who could forget Johnny Manziel. The left tackle spot is too important to screw up. Too many teams do it all the time and that’s with guys who come in clean and ready to work. So imagine the odds now against the Browns if a guy like Becton is the pick?

I’m rooting for him to succeed, I just hope the Browns aren’t the team that takes a gamble on the guy.

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