5 Browns whose stock is soaring after playoff clincher vs Steelers

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Browns Kevin Stefanski

5 Browns whose stock is up after beating the Steelers to secure a playoff spot.

It’s over. The longest playoff drought in the NFL is no more, as the Browns ended their 18-year postseason hiatus by beating the Steelers, 24-22 Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium.

The Browns made it a little too close for comfort, but none-the-less, survived a contest in which hey never trailed.

Now, the Pittsburgh varsity squad awaits Cleveland, although, Kevin Stefanski and company may have something up their sleeve. It looked like Cleveland wasn’t willing to show all it’s cards, especially knowing there was a good chance they’d face the Steelers again next week.

Cleveland alternated Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt–even though Chubb was the superior back on this day. Perhaps this was an indication of Stefanski not wanting to show too much.

Defensively, there were lapses, and while the unit bent, they didn’t break. There’s the hope the Browns will get some of their players back next week who are currently on the Covid-19/reserve.

Those additions will certainly help level the playing field with Pittsburgh returning Ben Roethlisberger, T.J. Watt and Cam Hayward back to the starting lineup.

We’ll have all week to worry about that, though. For now, the Browns are going to the playoffs. Read that sentence over and over, because if you’re reading this, you know how sweet it is!

Here’s five Browns who shined in the playoff clinching win.

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