Browns: Top 5 best players from the Houston Texans game

Cleveland Browns Harrison Bryant (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Harrison Bryant (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Five best Browns players from Sunday’s Texans game.

The Browns were able to fend off a more-than-game Texans team on Sunday, finishing off their first home win (and first win) of the season with a score of 31-21. The Texans were in the game until they missed a late fourth-quarter field goal that would’ve brought them within a touchdown and extra point of tying the game.

The offense was incredible, directed seamlessly by Baker Mayfield. In the first half, the offense relied almost exclusively on Mayfield’s throwing and mobility to advance the chains, with the offensive line unable to get much give against a very stout Texans defensive line. Mid-way in the third, however, the offensive line started to wear down the Texans and Nick Chubb started to have several explosive plays.

Unfortunately, while we can heap a lot of praise on the offense, very little could be given to the defense. Arguably just one player did anything in the way of making big plays, and just one other (Jadeveon Clowney) could be given credit for doing more than the bare minimum required. This is becoming an issue.

These were the five best Browns players from the Texans game

5. Demetric Felton

Demetric Felton didn’t have many big plays but he did have several that helped the team. He had a nice reception for a touchdown, another big reception that nearly got broken for a touchdown, and a good return that looked like it was about to be broken for a possible touchdown. As far as playmakers that were it, but considering how contained the big-play offense was for more than two and a half quarters, that’s pretty good.

4. Malcolm Smith

The veteran linebacker had a big game against the Texans, racking up eight tackles, one for a loss and an interception. It was a heck of a day for the veteran and one that was desperately needed.

3. Harrison Bryan

Austin Hooper had more receptions but Harrison Bryant had the bigger plays. The Texans defense kept all the big plays in front of them, limiting the impact that they had, forcing the Browns to grind out touchdowns. Bryant made some really good plays, even if none of them went for a touchdown.

2. Nick Chubb

Is it any surprise that Nick Chubb was on this list? He was completely negated in the first half of the game, making very little impact but as the game went on he seemed to get stronger while everyone else was sucking wind. Chubb finished the day with 95 yards and a touchdown while averaging 8.6 yards per carry.

1. Baker Mayfield

It is official, Baker Mayfield is the current league leader for quarterback accuracy. His completion rate of 81.6% is the league leader at the moment. Not only is he basically not missing anyone, but he’s registered two touchdowns on the day. One came via rushing the ball, while the second was a nice pass to Felton.

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