Cleveland Browns odds & betting guide

With sports betting now live in Ohio, residents can enjoy an enhanced viewing experience this season by betting on the Browns. Cleveland hopes to take a step forward with an improved offense and challenge for the franchise’s first Super Bowl. 
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

See below a breakdown of the Browns’ latest game and futures odds, as well as player props, top Ohio sportsbooks, the schedule, key terms to know, and more. 

This week's Cleveland Browns spread

Here you’ll find the Browns’ upcoming matchup with the latest odds updated in real-time. Click on the odds to be linked to a sportsbook where you can sign up with a new-user offer and start placing your bets today. 

Cleveland Browns Super Bowl & playoff odds

These are the Browns’ latest Super Bowl and playoff odds. You’re also able to bet on Cleveland to win the AFC Championship or AFC North by following the links below. 

Cleveland Browns player prop bets

This is for bettors hoping to back an individual player with a prop pick. You could bet on an individual player’s stats in just one game or for the full season. If Cleveland has a matchup against a poor secondary or rush defense, for example, it may be wise to bet accordingly. You can bet on players from other teams as well by navigating the different games at each sportsbook. 

Best Cleveland Browns sportsbooks

2023 Cleveland Browns' offseason moves

The Browns made several critical offseason moves to bolster their defensive depth, such as adding Super Bowl winner Juan Thornhill at safety and acquiring pass rusher Za’Darius Smith. Cleveland expects big things from wide receiver Elijah Moore as well, especially considering the organization will have a full season with Deshaun Watson under center. 

How to bet on the Cleveland Browns

There are many different ways you can bet on the Browns thanks to the legalization of sports betting in Ohio. Find below an explanation of the different types of bets you’ll see at sportsbooks. 


A moneyline bet just means you’re betting on a team to win the game outright. 

If the Browns have +110 odds on the moneyline against the Bengals, for example, a $10 bet would win you $11 if Cleveland wins the game. A “+” symbol next to the numbers indicates an underdog. 

If the Browns were -130 against Cincinnati, you would need to bet $13 to profit $10. A “-” symbol indicates that the team is a favorite. 

The margin of victory is irrelevant in a moneyline bet. All that matters is which team wins. 

Point spread

In a spread bet, the margin of victory does matter. If the Browns were favored by -2.5, they would need to win by three points or more to win the bet. 

If the Browns were instead an underdog by +7.5 points, they could lose by up to seven points and still win your bet. 

These types of underdog bets can be valuable if you a team is a large underdog and you think they’ll keep it close, or if you think a favorite will win by more than the indicated spread. 

Point totals (over/under)

A point total bet refers to the total number of points that are scored in a game, either by both teams combined or by just one team. 

If the point total for the whole game was set at 47.5 and you bet the over, you would need at least 48 points scored by both teams combined to win your bet. If you bet under, you would need the total combined score to be under 47.5. 

If the Browns’ team total was set at 21.5 and you bet the over, you would need Cleveland to score at least 22 points to win. 

Team & player props, & futures

Each sportsbook also offers a variety of team and player props, as well as futures bets. 

A team or player prop typically is a bet on stats that will be scored in that week’s game. If Nick Chubb’s rushing yards prop was set at 79.5 and you bet the over, you would need Chubb to rush for at least 80 yards to win your bet. 

These bets exist for rushing, passing, and receiving yards, as well as touchdowns, field goals, and more. 

In a futures bet, you’re betting on a future event. If you bet $10 on the Browns to win the Super Bowl at +4000 odds, for example, you would profit $400 if Cleveland won. 

You can bet on a Super Bowl future, making the playoffs, winning the AFC North or AFC Championship, and more. 

Cleveland Browns Stadium

FirstEnergy Stadium was renamed Cleveland Browns Stadium in 2023 and was originally opened in 1999. It serves as an all-encompassing entertainment venue on top of hosting Browns' games. It is located in downtown Cleveland near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Cleveland Browns TV & Radio coverage

Fans can watch or listen to Cleveland Browns games at both a local and national level as well as streaming services. 

How to watch Cleveland Browns in Ohio

Browns fans can watch games locally on ABC, FOX, and NBC, or at in-market. 

Cleveland Browns Monday Night Football

The Browns do not currently have a Monday Night Football game this season, though those games are telecast on ESPN. 

Cleveland Browns Thursday Night Football

You can watch the Browns take on the New York Jets on Dec. 28th on Prime Video on Thursday Night Football. 

How to listen to Cleveland Browns in Ohio

Browns fans can hear every game and local coverage of the team on AM 1290 and 95.7 WHIO Radio. 

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