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Best Ohio odds boosts by type

All of the top operators have their strengths and weaknesses, meaning bettors will have to do some research to find out which book is best for them. Let's shop around the top Ohio sportsbook promos to find the best odds boosts.

Best Frequent Odds Boosts

Frequent odds boosts are available at all of the sportsbooks operating in Ohio on each day’s games, though some of the specific boosts are exclusive to each sportsbook and depend on certain players reaching certain stat thresholds.

Whether you’re betting on daily NBA action with the Cavaliers, looking at an NFL matchup or a different sport entirely, you can shop around at the various sportsbooks and find different odds boosts each day. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting better odds on one game, or occasionally you’ll also see correlated statistical outcomes that tie together for a big win. 

Best High-Value Odds Boosts

A high-value odds boost is typically exclusive to a specific sportsbook and they often represent temporary boosts on a particular result. An example could be getting an extra boost if the Browns or Cavaliers win, and you’ll usually see the original odds shown adjacent to the boosted ones. 

Best for New Sign-Ups

New users get special offers that range from automatic wins (usually paid out in bonus bets) to temporary odds boosts on a particular bet that day. While other boosts are valid for new and existing users alike, sportsbooks typically reserve certain boosts that are only available to first-time users. 

Best International Odds Boosts

For sportsbooks that have an international presence as well, such as Bet365, that offer additional odds boosts on international competitions.That could mean a boost on a World Cup game, for example, or specific to another sport entirely, so be on the lookout for boosts from sportsbooks that operate in other countries as well. 

Best Boosted Parlays

Boosted parlays give you additional odds boosts on parlays. Some sportsbooks, like DraftKings, give users a daily parlay boost that can be used once. You can make your parlay, then increase the odds by, for example, 50% in some cases, to enhance your possible payday. Since parlays inherently have bigger odds than most individual bets, this is a great way to shoot for a massive payout. 

What are odds boosts?

Odds boost are simply enhanced payouts for bets. If, for example, the Cavaliers had +100 odds to defeat the Pacers, a potential boost could be raising Cleveland’s moneyline odds to +150. Instead of a $10 bet paying out $10 in the original scenario, the +150 boost would raise the profit to $15. The bet stays the same, but the payout changes.

The exact boosts are specific to each sportsbook, and there are typically maximum bet amounts associated with each boost. 

Why do sportsbooks provide odds boosts?

Odds boosts are a great way for bettors to get involved in the day’s action with an opportunity to increase profits from certain bets. Similar to how companies occasionally put items on sale to increase engagement with a product, odds boosts ultimately serve a similar purpose. 

For inexperienced sports bettors looking to find an easy way to get value, odds boosts can be a great option. 

How do odds boosts work in sports betting?

Some sportsbooks require that you “opt-in” to an odds boost, while some are automatically applied. Be sure to read the rules on each boost before locking in a bet. 

You’ll often need to select a box that indicates you’re using an odds boost when you make it to the “bet slip” selection before finalizing, so don’t lock in a wager before ensuring you have the boost applied. 

NFL odds boosts

There are often odds boosts available for each week’s NFL action during both the regular season and the playoffs. Whether you’re focusing on the Browns, Bengals or looking at a team outside of Ohio, you’ll find boosts tied to matchups each week and on primetime games as well. 

NBA odds boosts

Some sportsbooks offer odds boosts for every Cavaliers game, while some give general ‘NBA’ boosts that can be applied to any game. 

MLB odds boosts

The same logic applies to Guardians and to Reds games in MLB as well. You could boost an individual player prop or odds for the result of a specific game, while some boosts can be applied to season-long props as well. 

NCAA odds boosts

With so many active college teams in Ohio, you can typically find a local school with an odds boost available, whether it’s one of the generic ones mentioned above that can be applied to any sport, or instead one specific to an area college. 

What is the best way to capitalize on odds boosts?

It’s important to always gamble responsibly and not wager more than you can afford to lose. Look at each odds boost carefully, especially if it’s one specifically recommended by the sportsbook itself. 

For boosts that you can apply manually, it’s wise to apply that boost to a bet that you feel confidently on. Parlays always have a worse chance of winning than individual plays do, so don’t feel too tempted to spend a boost on a parlay if there’s an individual bet that you feel more comfortable with. 

You are always in control of your betting - stay within your means and be careful not to go overboard. 

That being said, odds boosts are some of the best ways to score big paydays on plays that you are confident in. 

Always read the fine print

It’s critical to always read the fine print before locking in any kind of bet, especially ones with boosts attached. Some boosts require a certain kind of bet, such as having three legs in a Same Game Parlay. 

Don’t lock in a boosted bet without ensuring you understand the associated terms and conditions. 


Do odds boosts offer value?

Yes, odds boosts provide an additional payout from a typical bet. Applying an odds boost will get you a larger profit for the same bet than if you did not use the boost. 

What are odds boosts?

An odds boost increased the odds for the given bet. A bet that would normally profit $10, for example, could be boosted to profit $15. 

How are odds boosts paid out?

Each sportsbook has its own rules, so pay attention to the terms and conditions. Typically, an odds boost will be paid out just like a normal bet and the funds will be in your account if you win. 

Are odds boosts or bonus bets better?

Neither is inherently better, it’s a matter of preference. Odds boosts require you to use your own money to aim for a bigger payout, while bonus bets are ones issued by the sportsbooks that do not require your own money. Bonus bets typically do not carry as large of a potential payout as odds boosts do, though. 

Which Ohio sportsbook has the best odds boosts?

Every Ohio sportsbook has their own unique odds boosts available, and some may be better suited for you than others. Shop around at each sportsbook to ensure you have a full understanding of the offerings before making your decision!

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