3 Browns on the Chopping Block After 2024 Minicamp

The usual suspects are under a lot of pressure
Cleveland Browns
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3. David Bell, wide receiver

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of bodies at receiver. Are you sensing the common theme here? David Bell is one of the players who will need a monstrous offseason in order to ultimately make the final roster in 2024.

Even as a former third-round pick.

Amari Cooper's contract situation could give him a better chance of making the team in the long run, but the Browns went out and made a lot of acquisitions at this position over the last two years, after they drafted Bell in 2022.

They traded for Elijah Moore last year with the Jets, and followed that up by drafting Cedric Tillman in the third round. And Tillman, by the way, has been having a rather impressive offseason. They traded for Jerry Jeudy in 2024 and wound up giving him a hefty contract extension. They used a 5th-round pick on Jamari Thrash in the 2024 NFL draft and Thrash has been getting involved with return reps throughout OTAs.

Needless to say, things really aren't looking all that great for David Bell this offseason. He's got a tough road ahead after two years of not much production and the front office pretty deliberately trying to find ways to upgrade over him.

There should be teams out there who have interest in acquiring him and giving him a second shot. And if he goes off in the preseason, he could force the Browns' hand in keeping him but would he even have much of a role anyway? That's the exact question that's placing him firmly on the chopping block right now.

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