3 Cavaliers Primed to Disappoint in 2023-24 Season

Caris LeVert is one of the Cavs players most likely to disappoint fans in the upcoming season.
Caris LeVert is one of the Cavs players most likely to disappoint fans in the upcoming season. / David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Evan Mobley

Put your pitchforks away, I'm not here to slander Evan Mobley. He's a legit threat to win Defensive Player of the Year and he's a key piece of why the Cavs are so dangerous this year.

But have you seen the way some Cavs fans are talking about him? Let me pull you some direct quotes from the a Cleveland Cavaliers Reddit thread this week.

"[An NBA Draft analyst] literally called him Nikola Jokic with elite defense in his scouting report. I still believe that to be true."

"[Adding Strus] will unlock Mobley. Him on the left elbow (his most comfortable spot on the court), if anyone tries to double it’s an open 3 pointer from an elite 3 point shooter."

These were both pretty highly upvoted comments, too. So we've got fans believing that Evan Mobley is not only going to suddenly start commanding double-teams with his offensive bag, but that he's going to pass out of those doubles as effectively as arguably the greatest passing big man in NBA history.

I mean, how is this not positioning Mobley to disappoint fans?

The guy's an elite defensive big with promising vision and passing ability. He's shown flashes of an offensive skill-set too. But we're not running the freakin' offense through Evan Mobley. And if we decide that feeding Mobley on the elbow is our go-to move on offense, defenses will happily let it happen on every play.

He's got potential, maybe he'll have made some more strides on offense and that is exciting for sure. But when expectations get this high, fans are just setting themselves up for inevitable letdown.

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