3 Guardians Who Will Benefit Most from Stephen Vogt Hiring

Vogt can help these guys take their game to the next level.
3 Cleveland Guardians who will benefit the most from Stephen Vogt's hiring.
3 Cleveland Guardians who will benefit the most from Stephen Vogt's hiring. / Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports
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The Cleveland Guardians' new manager Stephen Vogt brings an interesting perspective to the table. Not only was he a former catcher during his playing days, but he also served as the Seattle Mariners' bullpen and quality control coach last year before taking the Guardians job.

Given that, Vogt is well-positioned to help several players on Cleveland's roster, especially the team's catchers and pitching staff.

With that in mind, here are three Guardians players who will benefit the most from Vogt's hiring.

1. Bo Naylor

Vogt is joining Cleveland at a pivotal time in Naylor's development. Naylor flourished in his first extended taste of the big leagues last year, batting .237/.339/.470 with 11 home runs and 5 stolen bases in 67 games.

As a former All-Star catcher, Vogt can take Naylor under his wing and teach him the finer points of the game. Naylor is only 23 and still has a lot to learn, and now he has the perfect mentor in Vogt.

Vogt will be able to pass on all of his catching wisdom to Naylor, who already looks like a future star. Vogt's job will be polishing him and making sure he keeps working hard to get better, rather than regressing as many promising rookies do.

Naylor has never caught a full big-league season before, so Vogt will have a good sense of when to give him off days and keep him healthy. He can also help Naylor work with the pitching staff to develop a game plan for opponents.

Unlike Naylor, Vogt wasn't a first-round draft pick. He was a 12th-rounder who had to prove himself everyday and work incredibly hard to become a successful big leaguer. He'll make sure Naylor doesn't get complacent or take anything for granted.

In other words, Vogt is the perfect manager to help Naylor realize his potential.