3 Moves the Cavaliers Can Make With Donovan Mitchell Re-Signing Official

The Cleveland Cavaliers re-signed Donovan Mitchell to a contract extension. What's next?
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Cavs fans rejoice. Donovan Mitchell finally agreed to a contract extension that will keep him in Cleveland until at least the 2027 offseason. The long-awaited decision by the franchise star was reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN on Tuesday morning.

Now, the Cavs can finally focus on the rest of their to-do list this offseason. They have important decisions to make about key players, as well as fill out the rest of their roster.

Here are three moves that should follow the Donovan Mitchell extension.

1. Sign Evan Mobley to a Contract Extension

Evan Mobley is extension-eligible this summer, and if the Cavs don't offer him the maximum contract that they can, he will be a flight risk in the summer of 2025 when he becomes a restricted free agent.

Already one of the best defensive bigs in the league, Mobley has established himself as deserving of a maximum five-year deal. The Toronto Raptors' young forward Scottie Barnes has recently signed a five-year rookie extension that could be worth up to $270 million in total. Mobley has played at a similar level to Barnes in his first three years and he will understandably demand the same deal.

Mobley hasn't shown the offensive improvement some were hoping so far but he is still 23 and has demonstrated minor development in all aspects of his game. If he can become a more reliable mid-range and three-point shooter while getting stronger to become more of a physical force inside the paint, he will easily be worth this extension.

Now that Mitchell is under contract for at least three more years, it's clear that the Mobley-Mitchell pairing is the future of this franchise. Everything else surrounding them could change but those two should be here to stay. The Cavs need to act accordingly.