3 Moves the Cavaliers Can Make With Donovan Mitchell Re-Signing Official

The Cleveland Cavaliers re-signed Donovan Mitchell to a contract extension. What's next?
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3. Trade Caris LeVert and Georges Niang

The Cleveland Cavaliers are an expensive team without too much financial flexibility or assets. It is hard to see them make an impactful move without moving on from either Jarrett Allen or Darius Garland. At the same time, they need to improve their bench, and they can't do that if they are paying Caris LeVert $16.6 million and Georges Niang $8.5 million for next season.

Now that Mitchell is going to be a part of this team for the foreseeable future, the Cavs don't need LeVert. The 29-year-old shooting guard is best with the ball in his hands but he is not good enough for the Cavs to give him the ball when they have Mitchell and Garland. LeVert is inefficient and struggles shooting the ball. Due to the fact that he can't provide any spacing, he is a poor fit next to Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen.

Niang disappointed in his first season in Cleveland. The 31-year-old power forward was supposed to be a stretch big option who could provide floor-spacing and hit open shots. He failed to do so, seeing his playing time in the postseason decrease. Considering that he is a defensive liability, he is not the most ideal playoff player for this team.

The Cavs would love to get out of the combined $25 million they are paying LeVert and Niang. If they can get a more reliable three-and-D type of wing by attaching some draft capital to the LeVert and Niang package, they should seriously consider it. Even if they have to overpay, having a better-fitting bench player next to their core four would make the world of difference.

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