4 Browns on the Chopping Block This Offseason

The Cleveland Browns suffered a disappointing loss to the Houston Texans, starting a conversation about who should not be on the team next season.
Dec 28, 2023; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Cleveland Browns cornerback Greg Newsome II (0) reacts during
Dec 28, 2023; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Cleveland Browns cornerback Greg Newsome II (0) reacts during / Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports
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The Cleveland Browns never fail to find new ways to upset their fans. After a massively successful season despite a constant stream of injuries, the expectations for the Browns had skyrocketed heading into this postseason.

Even though they were favored against the young and inexperienced Houston Texans, they suffered one of the worst losses in franchise history. There is plenty of blame to go around following the disappointing end, but it shouldn’t take away from this season’s successes.

There are plenty of reasons to be hopeful for the Browns’ 2024 season, too. However, in order to achieve the success they desire, they will need to make some moves in the offseason. This will require making some hard decisions and parting ways with certain key players.

Here is who they should consider moving on from.

Greg Newsome

Just like the entire Browns defense, Newsome was a major disappointment against the Texans. He was regularly targeted by the Houston offense which resulted in some big plays for Nico Collins and Houston’s wide receivers. Newsome failed to step up his game when it mattered the most.

The 23-year-old cornerback has a fully guaranteed contract for 2024. As talented as he is, he hasn’t proven enough to warrant a roster spot, especially with Martin Emerson emerging as the second-best CB on the team.

Cleveland has to make a decision about Newsome’s fifth-year option. It is hard to justify picking that up or extending him when he is the third-best option in his position on the team. Keeping Emerson should be a priority.

This means that trading Newsome should be seriously considered. Cam Mitchell can step up in his stead or the Browns can select another corner in the upcoming NFL Draft.