5 Browns On Thin Ice After Falling to Third in AFC North Standings

After their fourth loss of the season, these 5 Cleveland Browns find themselves on thin ice for one reason or another

Cleveland Browns
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2. David Njoku, TE

In Week 11, the Browns were able to edge out the Pittsburgh Steelers but that win might have been more comfortable for them had David Njoku not dropped a few passes. One of those was even in the end zone, and Cleveland had to settle for a field goal after that.

Following the game, Njoku expressed his frustration with himself, saying it was inexcusable. He then vowed to hit the Jugs machine and Facetimed his head coach to show off the work he was doing. Early on during their game against Denver, it seemed as though that time working on his hands was paying off for him.

Njoku made an impressive leaping grab at one point while also hauling one in while going to the ground. But then, the drops returned.

Not only did he miss out on an opportunity to pick up several yards after the catch at one point, but he dropped yet another touchdown. Cleveland made good on that one but needed a fourth-down conversion from DTR to Harrison Bryant. Still, it should have been easier and Njoku has to figure out how to get past his current issues with drops since he had three more this past weekend.