6 Browns on Thin Ice in the 2024 Offseason

Which Cleveland Browns are on thin ice in the 2024 offseason?
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Another year of disappointment for the Cleveland Browns, but perhaps a light at the end of the tunnel. The Browns have built a true contender in the AFC North and won 11 regular season games in 2023 despite not having Deshaun Watson, Nick Chubb, and Jack Conklin for most of the season. How was that possible?

Well, the Browns played elite defense all year, and they got a couple of good games out of Dorian Thompson-Robinson as well as a stretch of ridiculous play by veteran journeyman Joe Flacco. But where do the Browns go from here? Along with winning 11 games comes a new set of rather high expectations.

And those expectations are sending a number of members of the Browns' organization out onto some thin ice this offseason.

1. General Manager Andrew Berry

I think one of the people within this Browns organization clearly on thin ice this offseason is general manager Andrew Berry. Berry is the one who pulled the trigger on the Deshaun Watson deal, speaking both to the trade and the contract. Up to this point, the trade hasn't crippled the roster (obviously) but those effects may not be felt until this coming season.

The contract with Watson has obviously been a bust thus far, but it was necessary to facilitate the deal in the first place or Watson would be in Atlanta or somewhere else. The Browns did what they had to do to get "their guy" in the building and that deal is the one that will define Andrew Berry's tenure with the team.

Fair or not.

Ultimately, I think Berry has done a lot of good for this roster and has put something special together, but the Watson move has him on some thin ice heading into 2024.