6 Browns on Thin Ice in the 2024 Offseason

Which Cleveland Browns are on thin ice in the 2024 offseason?
Cleveland Browns
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2. Deshaun Watson, Quarterback

I don't think there's any way you can look at the Cleveland Browns and see Deshaun Watson as anything but treading thin ice this offseason. Watson signed an unprecedented $230 million deal with the Browns in 2022, bringing with him a ton of off-field baggage. It obviously wasn't a unanimously "liked" deal by the Browns' fan base, especially when Watson didn't look great after serving a suspension last season.

Watson's struggles sort of continued into the 2023 season. He certainly wasn't the dominant player we saw back in 2018-19 with the Houston Texans, the guy the Browns traded and paid for. Watson played just five games and change last season and has appeared in just 12 games in two seasons with the Browns.

He put up better numbers in his rookie year with Houston when he played just seven games than he has in two "seasons" with the Cleveland Browns.

What are the Browns supposed to do about this? They made this bed, they have to lay in it. Watson's time in Cleveland has done anything but inspire confidence that he's going to help this team win a Super Bowl, even though the Browns have won eight of the 12 games he's started.

The fact that the jury is still out on Deshaun Watson as a viable franchise QB for the Browns nearly two years after the trade and deal were made is a major concern.