Browns' 3 Biggest Priorities After 2024 Minicamp

What are the Cleveland Browns' top priorities after 2024 minicamp?
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After winning 11 games last year, the Cleveland Browns are starting from scratch in 2024 and once again face the gauntlet of playing in the AFC North (with a healthy Joe Burrow, presumably) as well as a loaded AFC overall. The Browns were one of the NFL's great stories of the 2023 season but how can they replicate or even possibly duplicate that kind of success again in 2024?

We know this team boasts one of the best defenses in the league. They have the NFL's best overall defensive player in Myles Garrett, and they are deep on that side of the ball. The biggest question marks facing this team are on the offensive side of the ball, where so much of the fate of this team rides on Deshaun Watson showing up.

What should be considered the Browns' top three priorities now that minicamp is overwith?

Cleveland Browns top 3 priorities after minicamp in 2024

1. Strategizing the target share at wide receiver

The Browns were without star receiver Amari Cooper for the offseason program in 2024 (more on him later), but there has to be a concerted effort in deciding the target share at receiver for this coming season. The Browns have loaded up with the likes of Cooper, tight end David Njoku, and trade acquisitions Elijah Moore and Jerry Jeudy. They've also got 2023 third-round pick Cedric Tillman looking ready for a role this coming season.

How are they going to split up the target share? Last year, there was obviously a huge effort toward getting Elijah Moore the ball, but the top guys were still Cooper and Njoku. The Browns now have to get a return on the investment they've made in Jerry Jeudy and find a way to both make these receivers happy as well as run an efficient offense.

Kevin Stefanski and Ken Dorsey are under a lot of pressure in this regard as we move forward in the offseason.