Cleveland Browns Made Jake Paul Look Like an Idiot on Sunday

Jake Paul renounced his Browns fandom at the wrong time.

Jake Paul renounced his Browns fandom at the wrong time.
Jake Paul renounced his Browns fandom at the wrong time. / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

This might shock you to hear, but Jake Paul doesn't seem to have much loyalty. Or to be very smart.

Bailing on your hometown team is always a weak move, successful or not. But making a public show of doing it is just begging for attention, and that attention has totally blown up in Paul's face.

The Cleveland native renounced his Browns fandom this weekend, right before the team pulled off a 24-3 blowout win over the reigning back-to-back AFC North champs.

Of course, Paul's comments also proved he was a bit of a phony Browns fan in the first place.

Of course, even in renouncing his fandom Paul doesn't really sound like he was much of a fan. Allegedly a fan his entire life, Paul calls it "26 years of terror" having been a Browns fan.

First of all, he's 26 years old. Some fans were put in Browns gear from the day they were born, but I'm not exactly sure losing games is terror before you can even crawl. But that's obviously not the stupidest part of the comment.

The Browns left Cleveland before Paul was born, and didn't return until 1999. There have not even been 26 years of Cleveland Browns football in Paul's 26-year lifetime.

"I’m sort of transitioning over to maybe be a Cincinnati Bengals fan. Unless the Browns can start to do something here."

Jake Paul

Unsurprisingly, we'll probably see Paul remain a Browns fan now that the team is looking great in 2023. And I'm sure we'll see him claim that his fandom was never in doubt, that he's a diehard.

Heck, he'll probably remind us about all the tough memories he had to endure as a 1-year-old fan of a team that wasn't even in the NFL.

Celebrity fans can be a lot of fun, and add a nice element to a team's fanbase. And with Cleveland being full of diehard sports fans, you can count on just about any famous Cleveland native backing our teams.

A fairweather phony fan who is ready to change allegiances does not fall into that group though.

Sorry Jake, you gave up your spot on the bandwagon and we're not letting you have it back.

I'm sure Browns fans will be willing to send you a Joe Burrow jersey.

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