3 Bold Guardians Trade Deadline Predictions

If the Guardians want to repeat as AL Central champions, they need to be bold at the trade deadline.

3 bold trade deadline predictions for the Cleveland Guardians.
3 bold trade deadline predictions for the Cleveland Guardians. / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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As we approach the end of July, the Guardians are in pretty good shape. They're in second place in the AL Central right behind the Minnesota Twins, giving them a great chance to win the division for the second year in a row.

Just because Cleveland passed Minnesota down the stretch last year doesn't mean it while happen again, however. If the Guardians want to take first place and keep it, they'll need to be aggressive at the trade deadline and make some big moves.

Fortunately, we have pitching and young talent to spare, which should help us address our needs. Here are my bold predictions for Cleveland at the deadline.

Guardians Trade Deadline Predictions

1. The Guardians Move One of Their Young Starting Pitchers

As I alluded to above, Cleveland has young starting pitching up the wazoo. While Shane Bieber apparently isn't going anywhere. guys like Logan Allen, Aaron Civale, Gavin Williams and Tanner Bibee should all be on the table.

Because while we have an abundance of pitching, what we really need is hitting. Our offense ranks dead last in homers, and you just can't win that way in 2023. You need some sluggers who intimidate opposing pitchers and can change ballgames with one swing of the bat.

As hard as it is to let go of young, controllable starting pitching, we have to do it. The Guardians are one of the few teams that can afford to, and it will make us stronger and more balanced in the long run.

Plus, by dangling a young starting pitcher, pretty much any position player becomes an option. We don't have to just settle for a rental -- we could get someone with years of team control in return.

It's been awhile since Jose Ramirez had some real help in the lineup. It's time we got him some.