How Many Times Have the Guardians Been No-Hit? (Full History of No-Hitters Allowed)

Every time the Guardians have been no-hit, including where they rank on the all-time leaderboard.
How many times have the Cleveland Guardians been no-hit in the franchise's history?
How many times have the Cleveland Guardians been no-hit in the franchise's history? / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Though no-hitters in baseball are known for their rareness, it seems the Cleveland Guardians can't stop avoiding them. On Aug. 1, 2023, Cleveland was no-hit once again, this time by the Houston Astros. It marked the fifth time the franchise has been held hitless in a game since 2021, making this one very unfortunate trend.

After being on the wrong side of several recent no-hitters, it's caused fans to wonder about the team's all-time history with these displays.

How Many Times Have the Guardians Been No-Hit?

Throughout Cleveland's history as an MLB franchise, the team has been no-hit a total of 15 times. This includes the club's time as the Bluebirds (1901-1902), Naps (1903-1914), Indians (1915-2021) and Guardians (2022-present). The first time Cleveland was no-hit occurred on May 12, 1910, as Charles Bender of the Philadelphia Athletics went the distance and held the then-Naps hitless.

Since 2021, the Guardians have been no-hit four times over a complete nine-inning game. They were also held hitless in a seven-inning contest (the first matchup of a double-header) on July 7, 2021, though MLB doesn't fully recognize this as a no-hitter. Regardless, Cleveland has posted zero hits in five games since the 2021 season.

The New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox are tied for the most no-hitters thrown against the Guardians all-time at three each. No pitcher has ever participated in more than one no-hitter against Cleveland, and no perfect games has been thrown against them in the World Series era.

Meanwhile, the Guardians' franchise touts 14 official no-hitters in its history. Two of those were pefect games, as Addie Ross accomplished the remarkable feat on Oct. 2, 1908, against the White Sox, and Len Barker followed him on May 15, 1981, versus the Toronto Blue Jays. Barker's perfect performance remains the team's last no-hitter of any kind.

List of No-Hitters Against the Guardians All-Time

The Guardians have been no-hit 15 times in nine-inning games all-time. They were also held hitless in a seven-inning contest in July 2021, though that no-hitter isn't officially recognized by MLB. Check out the full list of MLB-recognized no-hitters thrown against Cleveland all-time below:





May 12, 1910

Philadelphia Athletics

Charles Bender

Athletics 4, Naps 0

May 31, 1914

Chicago White Sox

Joe Benz

White Sox 6, Naps 1

August 26, 1916

Philadelphia Athletics

Joe Bush

Athletics 5, Naps 0

August 31, 1935

Chicago White Sox

Vern Kennedy

White Sox 5, Indians 0

August 27, 1938

New York Yankees

Monte Pearson

Yankees 13, Indians 0

July 12, 1951

New York Yankees

Allie Reynolds

Yankees 1, Indians 0

September 16, 1965

Boston Red Sox

Dave Morehead

Red Sox 2, Indians 0

August 25, 1967

Minnesota Twins

Dean Chance

Twins 2, Indians 1

September 2, 1990

Toronto Blue Jays

Dave Stieb

Blue Jays 3, Indians 0

September 4, 1993

New York Yankees

Jim Abbott

Yankees 4, Indians 0

July 27, 2011

Los Angeles Angels

Ervin Santana

Angels 3, Indians 1

April 14, 2021

Chicago White Sox

Carlos Rodon

White Sox 8, Indians 0

May 7, 2021

Cincinnati Reds

Wade Miley

Reds 3, Indians 0

September 11, 2021

Milwaukee Brewers

Corbin Burnes and Josh Hader

Brewers 3, Indians 0

August 1, 2023

Houston Astros

Framber Valdez

Astros 2, Guardians 0

Who has Been No-Hit the Most in MLB History?

The Guardians' 15 no-hitters allowed are ugly, but there are actually four franchises that have been no-hit more often than Cleveland:

  1. Philadelphia Phillies (21)
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers (20)
  3. Atlanta Braves (17)
  4. San Francisco Giants (16)
  5. Cleveland Guardians, Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles (15)