Ranking Andrew Berry's 3 Offseasons as Browns GM, Worst to Best

Andrew Berry is already the best Browns GM since their 1999 return, but which offseason has been his best?

Andrew Berry has almost wrapped up his third offseason as Browns GM, and we rank how the three stack up.
Andrew Berry has almost wrapped up his third offseason as Browns GM, and we rank how the three stack up. / Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Andrew Berry took over as general manager of the Cleveland Browns in January 2020, and he's already looking like one of the best GM's Cleveland has had since The Move.

The youngest GM in NFL history, the 36-year-old Berry is already wrapping up his third full offseason in Cleveland, and this 53-man roster looks like one of the best the Browns have fielded in years.

But was this offseason his best? I'm going to break down how all three of his offseasons compare, ranking them from worst to best.

For the purpose of these rankings, we're no pretending Berry should've been a soothsayer. Pulling off a move that made a lot of sense and was good process at the time that didn't work out doesn't make for a bad offseason. When a seventh-round pick becomes a star, there's no point in pretending the other 31 teams all should have known that. Some things go beyond a GM's control. So we're basing this on how well Berry did his job.

Here's how his three offseason stack up.

Andrew Berry's Browns GM Offseasons Ranked

3. 2022

The major story of the Cleveland Browns' 2022 offseason was obviously the Deshaun Watson trade, and good or bad that deal is likely going to shape Berry's lasting legacy for many Cleveland fans.

If the deal works out he's a hero for taking the plunge, and if it's a flop then he was an idiot for mortgaging the future. Ethical thoughts on the deal aside, I still think the trade was merely "meh" from a football standpoint. The Browns paid as if Deshaun Watson were definitely still as good as he was at his peak, but with no guarantee that he wouldn't have taken a step back with some extended time away from the game.

Opearting without a first-round pick from the trade, Berry followed it up with his worst draft as a GM. It was pretty widely panned, with Pro Football Focus (B), NFL.com (C+) and Pete Prisco (C) all giving it the worst grades they've given any of the Browns' last three draft classes. The Martin Emerson and Jerome Ford picks have ultimately worked out though, so it wasn't all bad. That's offset in part though by having spent a fourth-round pick on Cade York. Yuck.

The big win of the 2022 offseason though was easily landing Amari Cooper for next to nothing. The fact that Berry got an elite wideout in exchange for essentially a fifth-round pick but this is still his worst offseason? Well that's a pretty good indicator of just how good he's been.