Sports World's Touching Reactions to Nick Chubb Injury: LeBron James, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield & More

Nick Chubb's injury has the whole sports world offering heartfelt prayers and well wishes on Monday night.
Nick Chubb's injury has the whole sports world offering heartfelt prayers and well wishes on Monday night. / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Probably the one injury Cleveland Browns fans feared the most happened on Monday Night Football when Nick Chubb suffered a gruesome knee injury against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Steelers fans in the stadium were incredibly classy when the injury happened, and it was only a matter of moments before the entire sports world voiced their support for the Browns superstar.

Nick Chubb Injury Reactions

Here are some of the most notable reactions and well-wishing messages from around the sports world. Everyone will be in Chubb's corner while he works his way back from another horrible injury.

LeBron James

A Cleveland sports fan through and through, you just knew LeBron James was watching Monday Night Football tonight. Always a class-act and a major supporter of his hometown teams, LeBron was quick to put prayers up for Chubb.

Lamar Jackson

Some things are bigger than football rivalries. When they're competing, Lamar Jackson and Nick Chubb won't find much common ground. But these guys know that at the end of the day everyone is trying to make a living following their dream. RIval or not, you absolutely hate to see any player get hurt. And in some ways, it stings even more when they're a fierce rival. You can't truly feel a rivalry with someone unless you also have some real respect for them β€” otherwise you wouldn't care enough to feel that rivalry.

Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry is the closest thing to Chubb in the NFL. The other elite old-school bruising running back who thrives with the kind of workload that running backs used to see back in the day. And Henry's reponse was simple, but said it all. The injury was heartbreaking to everyone.

Mina Kimes

ESPN's Mina Kimes summed up well what a lot of non-Browns fans think. Everyone loves watching Chubb play. He's a throwback type player who also has the explosiveness to hang in the modern NFL. Truly a rare talent that fans around the country love to watch play β€” except when he's against their favorite teams.

Donovan Mitchell

It's not just past Cavaliers stars who quickly reached out to Chubb. The biggest offensive star on the Cavs had plenty of love for the biggest offensive star on the Browns, as Donovan Mitchell sent his prayers over shortly after the injury.

Baker Mayfield

No matter how much drama fans want to spin around Baker Mayfield leaving the Browns, you don't play in the same backfield as someone for four years without forming a very close bond. Baker Mayfield sent his love over Twitter, and you can bet he'll be reaching out to Chubb personally too.

You hate to see anyone get injured like Chubb did, but it's touching to see the sports world come together like this to rally behind one of the most beloved players in any league.