4 Former Browns Failing Miserably With Their New Teams in 2023

These former Cleveland Browns were hoping for a fresh start but so far, 2023 has not gone their way
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Andrew Berry has been a phenomenal general manager for the Cleveland Browns since joining in 2020. He's not perfect, which no GM is, but he's done a great job building a competitive roster. That can be seen in the fact that they've lost several key players — and are on their fourth starting quarterback of the season — yet are still in the playoff hunt.

In years past, one injury would devastate this team. But Berry has a unit that's overcome the loss of their quarterback, running back, and both starting tackles. A roster with that much depth is tough to build and it often comes with some tough decisions when it comes to signing players, releasing them, or simply letting them walk in free agency.

Whatever the reason, here are four former Browns who are failing with their new teams, proving Berry was right to look elsewhere.

4. Taven Bryan, DT, Indianapolis Colts

One thing that Andrew Berry has done to help keep Cleveland from getting into too tight of a cap situation (it's not as bad as people say it is, seriously) is to sign players to one-year deals. He's done this to fill several starting positions including defensive end twice — Jadeveon Clowney — and defensive tackle. This year, it was Shelby Harris and Maurice Hurst he added but in 2022, it was Taven Bryan.

A former first-round pick from Florida, Bryan was looking for a fresh start after four years in Jacksonville. He wound up starting 16 games and had 26 tackles and three sacks — which was sadly second to Myles Garrett's 16.

Bryan wasn't retained in 2023 and signed with the Indianapolis Colts, where he hasn't had a lot of success. He has just 17 tackles and two sacks while posting a career-low 44.0 with PFF. In this case, Berry made the right call to move on.