Browns-Eagles Joint Practice Fight Should Have Cleveland Fans Excited

The Eagles have bit off more than they can chew in these joint practices.

Dawand Jones should be commended for his role in the Browns-Eagles joint practice fight.
Dawand Jones should be commended for his role in the Browns-Eagles joint practice fight. / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

The Cleveland Browns took people by surprise in Monday's joint practice against the Philadelphia Eagles, getting the best of the reigning NFC champs despite a few key players having to exit early.

Things got much more heated on Tuesday, with a couple of skirmishes breaking out at practice.

Notice a common thread between these two incidents?

Eagles players initiated and it was the Browns responding and standing up for themselves. The way these played out are a great sign for the Browns for a couple reasons.

First, you have to love that take-no-crap attitude from a team that's looking to be led by Jim Schwartz' hard-nosed defense. A locker room that has become accustomed to disappointment and losing over the years can become complacent, but there's none of that on this Browns roster.

Late hits are bad enough in game situations, but they're totally inexcusable at practice. Tensions might be high, you may be devloping rivalries, but there's no excuse for risking injuring someone with a cheap shot. Good on Dawand Jones for standing up for his teammate, and good on Thomas Greaney for being willing to stand up to a veteran.

Second, it's a sign the Eagles are getting frustrated. Philly probably expected to handle the Browns with ease in these practices, and now that they're facing some resistance it's starting to worry them. They clearly overlooked what Cleveland is capable of, and now they don't like dealing with the consequences.

Well, Philly, it's like the saying goes. F around, find out.

This Browns team is not going to be a pushover for anyone. We're capable of going toe-to-toe with the league's best teams, and we've got the right attitude to back it up.

The rest of this week's practices will be very interesting, especially because both teams plan on getting their starters plenty of work at practice rather than in the preseason meeting.

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