Browns Need to Cut Cade York ASAP After Latest Choke

It's time for the Browns to cut Cade York after his latest embarrassing performance.
It's time for the Browns to cut Cade York after his latest embarrassing performance. / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Cade York was set to be the hero on Thursday night. Instead, he left Lincoln Financial Field as a goat.

The Browns had battled the Eagles -- the reigning NFC champs -- to an 18-18 draw at the two-minute warning of their preseason matchup. York had scored the majority of Cleveland's points, drilling three field goals and an extra point to keep the Browns in it.

With just under two minutes left in the game, York had the chance to give Cleveland the lead with a go-ahead field goal. He missed. A flag gave him another chance and a shot at redemption.

He missed again, costing his team the win as the Browns were forced to settle for a disappointing 18-18 tie.

Cade York Browns Preseason

Eagles fans cackled and jeered from the stands. Not surprisingly, Twitter was quick to torch York, especially after it was revealed that he was posting highlights of himself to his Instagram story at halftime.

You've got to be kidding me. Apparently, York should have been practicing kicks rather than wasting time on his phone. And if you're going to post highlights of yourself, you should probably wait until, you know, the game is actually over.

Thursday's game didn't mean anything, but it should be the last one that York ever costs Cleveland. The Browns simply can't afford to have him blow meaningful games once the season starts, especially in what is shaping up to be a tight AFC North.

York has had his share of struggles since debuting last year, but Thursday marks a new low for him. Between missing not one, but two game-winning kicks and the terrible optics of posting on Instagram during the middle of a game, this should be the final straw.

York was already on thin ice prior to this game. His rookie season was underwhelming, as he went just 24-for-32 (75%) on field goal tries last year and missed a pair of extra points as well, meaning he still had plenty to prove heading into Year 2. He's done nothing to assuage those fears in preseason action so far, missing at least one attempt in all three games so far.

While York often looks good in practice, his repeated chokes in big moments have proven that he can't handle the pressure. If the Browns want to make a serious playoff run this year, they need a kicker they can trust in big moments.

And York's performance on Thursday proved, once and for all, that he isn't that guy.