Deshaun Watson Upset Browns Teammates by Lying About Injury

"There were players who were aggravated that he didn't play."
Deshaun Watson's injury caused aggravation in the Browns locker room in Week 4.
Deshaun Watson's injury caused aggravation in the Browns locker room in Week 4. / Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Deshaun Watson injury saga just keeps getting more bizarre. Kevin Stefanski said Watson chose not to play. Andrew Berry contradicted the head coach. And now reports have surfaced around what Watson himself was saying.

And it turns out, he rubbed teammates the wrong way by straight up lying about his injury all week.

Browns News: Deshaun Watson Injury Saga Takes Another Turn

Reports out of the Browns locker room are that "there were players who were aggravated that [Watson] didn't play." Watson told his teammates all week he was going to play, even when it became clear that he wouldn't. This might seem like something to brush off, but there's real reasons behind why this would be aggravating.

It's one thing to want to keep your injury a mystery to the media and not let your opponents know which quarterback to prepare to face. It's one thing to be optimistic and say you're hoping you'll play.

But telling your teammates you're playing has them prepare a certain way for the game. Both mentally and physically, they're getting ready to play with Watson at quarterback.

It reportedly became clear on Friday that he could barely throw at practice, but again Watson told everyone he would play. He's a tough dude, and a supposed leader in the locker room. So they believed him.

All the way through Sunday pregame, he was adamant he would play.

By the sounds of it nobody was going to be upset if he simply admitted he couldn't play. This isn't a situation where anyone wanted him to play through the injury. They just don't want to be lied to by a guy who is supposed to set the tone in the locker room.

You'd think that, considering how poorly he's played relative to expectations, Watson would be doing everything he can to endear himself to teammates and keep the locker room on his side.

If he keeps struggling on the field and aggravating his teammates off the field? Watson is going to become very unpopular around Cleveland.

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