Key Offseason Addition Named Browns' Breakout Player of 2024

A new free agent addition is expected to have the best season of his career for the Browns.

The Cleveland Browns didn’t have to give up much to acquire Jerry Jeudy from Denver this offseason – sending a 5th and 6th round pick in this year’s draft for the former No. 15 overall pick.

That means Jeudy doesn’t have to do too much to make this trade worth it, and he could do that quickly if he pans out how USA Today is predicting. 

Jeudy could be a breakout player – or at least a bounce-back candidate – this season and there are already signs that this isn’t unrealistic. 

Jeudy Already Entrenched as Starter for Cleveland 

Cleveland did hand Jeudy a significant extension upon trading for him, giving him $52.5 million over the next three years ($41 million in guaranteed money).

That means they’re planning on having him heavily involved in the offense, and that’s how The Athletic’s Zac Jackson sees it playing out too – predicting that Elijah Moore will be pushed out of the starting lineup with the arrival of Jeudy.

Jeudy hasn’t lived up to the hype in his four year career. His best season came in 2022 when he recorded 67 receptions for 972 yards and 6 TDs. 

But it’s hard to pin too much of that lack of production on Jeudy alone.

His quarterbacks have been: Drew Lock (2020), Teddy Bridgewater (2021) and Russell Wilson (2022-23).

Now Jeudy is finally in the best position of his career. 

"Revamping their entire offensive staff, including in the hire of offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, a receiver who is in the forefront of every open and separation metric should be a main benefactor," writes Cory Kinnan of Browns Wire.

Even a watered-down version of Deshaun Watson would be the best QB1 of his career. And new Browns OC Ken Dorsey is fresh off a five-year run with the Bills in which the team finished Top-10 in the NFL in passing yards four times.

And it seems as though Jeudy is feeling the best he’s felt since being in the NFL. 

"I heard that the Browns were interested in me even two years ago," Jeudy said in March.

"To actually be here, it's a surreal moment. So, I feel like I'm at the right spot because they have been trying to get me for a long time, so I feel like I'm wanted here. As a player, you always want to be in a place that you feel welcomed and want to make it feel like home and want to be wanted. And so having that feeling is great."

Jerry Jeudy

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