3 Moves Browns Must Make Next to Capitalize on Week 6 Victory

3 key takeaways from the Browns' massive upset win over the 49ers in Week 6.
3 key takeaways from the Browns' massive upset win over the 49ers in Week 6. / Andrew Nelles-USA TODAY Sports
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Coming off of a drama-filled bye week, the Cleveland Browns managed to upset the undefeated San Francisco 49ers in Week 6 with a 19-17. They're now 3-2 on the season and have plenty to feel good about after such a gritty win.

With a winnable road matchup on tap against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 6, Cleveland has to take advantage and emerge with another victory. Here are three moves the Browns need to make to ensure they emerge with a victory in Week 7.

3 Moves Browns Need to Make After Week 6

1. Make Kareem Hunt the Starting Running Back

In the wake of Nick Chubb's injury, the Browns didn't hesitate to name Jerome Ford their new starting RB. Despite having much more experience and success in the NFL, Kareem Hunt was relegated to RB2 status.

Well, that needs to change in Week 7. Hunt clearly outplayed Ford for much of the afternoon, carrying Cleveland's rushing attack until Ford finally woke up in the fourth quarter.

While Ford's late burst against a gassed 49ers defense helped him finish with 91 total yards on 19 touches (4.8 yards per touch), Hunt was nearly as efficient with 71 yards on 15 touches (4.7 yards per touch). More importantly, Hunt also scored the Browns' only touchdown of the day.

Hunt needed a few games to get back in game shape and re-integrate into Cleveland's offense, but he finally looked up to speed in Week 6.

Ford played well in the game where Chubb went down, but he's been an overall disappointment with fewer than 40 rushing yards in three of five games. He only has 1 touchdown on the ground and is averaging a mediocre 4.0 yards per carry. Ford simply hasn't done enough to prove that he deserves the starting job going forward, and perhaps he'd be more effective as a change-of-pace back behind Hunt.

The Browns' offense is built to run the ball and needs to have an effective rushing attack to win, especially as long as Deshaun Watson is out. Hunt turned in his best game of the year so far in Week 6 and deserves to be rewarded with a larger workload in Week 7.