VIDEO: Browns Release First Look at Cedric Tillman Catching Passes in Training Camp

Official videos from the Browns' first training camp practice today include Cedric Tillman (all aboard the hype train!) and a first look at the Deshaun Watson-Elijah Moore connection. Football is back and life is good.

Cleveland Browns rookie Cedric Tillman highlights the first batch of official training camp videos.
Cleveland Browns rookie Cedric Tillman highlights the first batch of official training camp videos. / Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel / USA

It's finally here! After an offseason that has seemed to drag on forever, the Cleveland Browns have opened up their training camp practice schedule with some closed-to-the-public sessions at the Greenbrier in West Virginia.

Closed to the public doesn't mean they won't give us some glimpses, though, and among the videos released Monday was a first look at rookie wide receiver Cedric Tillman running routes and catching passes,

Is this video showing much? Of course not. But is it enough to get me excited after a months-long drought of football footage? Absolutely it is.

If we want to dive really deep and analyze this video, the way Tillman works his way to the imaginary cornerback's outside hip and bends the go route off toward the sideline to create some separation is a thing of beauty. Just pure artistry. This showcases that his range of outcomes lies somewhere between a prime Marvin Harrison and a prime Jerry Rice. So now that he's already the greatest wide receiver in Browns history, is it too soon to trade Amari Cooper?

I'm joking, obviously, but seriously inject Browns on-field footage directly into my veins for the next month. This isn't the only video they posted either. Here are some more snippets from the start of camp to tide you over until we get some real game action, including our first look at Deshaun Watson connecting with Elijah Moore:

And if you actually want a takeaway that might be noteworthy from today's Twitter action? David Njoku seemed to be a popular character. He got some major love from Kevin Stefanski at the press conference before getting highlighted with a pre-practice video.

Don't want to read too much into that, of course, but its always nice to see some positive signs for The Chief.

But if, like me, you've decided that the hype train you want to board is the Cedric Tillman hype train, then you could even cash in on that.

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