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Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (center) with the twenty three NFL top prospects before the start of the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

2013 NFL Draft: Evaluating Impact of each 1st Round Pick on the Cleveland Browns

Nov 4, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns former quarterback Bernie Kosar signs a helmet prior to the game against the Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports


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This will be Cleveland Browns centric for each pick, how does it effect the Browns. Some will be more then others.

1. Kansas City Chiefs: OT Eric Fisher

Impact on the Cleveland Browns:

Not surprised by the Chiefs taking a Tackle, Eric Fisher, but by taking one eliminates one of the 3 elite tackles which will limit a player teams might want to trade up for. The Browns play the Chiefs in the 8th week. Both teams should be adjusted to our new coaches but a great tackle, and if the Chiefs keep Brendan Albert a pair of them, will make our aggressive blitzing defense possibly struggle. Look for Horton to blitz more inside with our ILBs, Safeties or Twists the OLBs inside to attack the Chiefs Guards and Center.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars: OT Luke Joeckel

Impact on the Cleveland Browns:

Fisher being drafted first means that Luke Joeckel, the #1 prospect on many “experts” boards, is still available for the Jags to choose. Joeckel is a rock solid player who should solidify the left side of the Jags O Line. Maurice Jones Drew has to be smiling somewhere  The Browns play the Jaguars Week 13. Similar to Fisher in KC, this may effect where Horton chooses to attack this week. Unfortunately with the top 2 tackles, and possibly players, off the board and the next 3 teams have different levels of need at OT, the odds of the Browns having Lane Johnson sitting there at #6 is unlikely. Trading down odds have lowered greatly with these first two picks.

3. Miami Dolphins: DE Dion Jordan

Impact on the Cleveland Browns:

I had already started writing that the Browns would no longer have a chance to trade down, had wrote Lane Johnson in. The Browns may have been interested in Jordan as a OLB in the 3-4 thus taking an option away at #6, but with Johnson still on the board a trade down is still a possibility if San Diego or another team is interested if Johnson falls. The Browns play MIA in week 1. Pass rushers often translate quickly to the NFL if they have developed moves. Jordan mostly excelled from being placed in multiple positions and from a 2 point stance as he will with the Dolphins. Joe Thomas and Mitchell Schwartz will have to deal with Jordan and OLB Cameron Wake coming at them all game long.

4. Philadelphia Eagles: OT Lane Johnson

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

Top 3 OT are now off the board. This is the first team to pick that the Browns do not play in the regular season in 2013. Unless someone falls in love with a DT or Tavon Austin the Browns will now be picking at #6. Options there may include Dee Milliner, Ziggy Ansah, B. Mingo, Star Lotulelei, Tavon Austin or Tyler Eifert. The Eagles chose a player that the Browns would probably not be interested in but with Chip Kelly turning down the Browns and Joe Banner’s previous relationship in Philly, Browns fans may be left to wonder what if?

5. Detroit Lions: DE Ziggy Ansah

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Lions selected the most likely to bust or blow up player. No one will be surprised in 3 years if he is close to out of the league or dominating like Jason Pierre Paul for the New York Giants. The Browns play the Lions in Week 6 but with his needed development it is doubtful that Ansah will have a great impact on this game. This pick leaves the top CB in the draft, Dee Milliner, for the Browns to possibly draft as well as the other players noted above. Some team, including ATL, SD and others, might be interested in trading up for him but that is not likely.

6. Cleveland Browns: DE Barkevious Mingo

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

We are the Cleveland Browns. We play every game in 2013. First thoughts are 1) I know he can “bend the edge” but his production has not been great, 2) Horton will find ways to use him to get to the QB, 3) Last year he didn’t drop in coverage so that is a concern, 4) He did not have alot of moves, 5) With Kruger struggling to stop the run, Mingo’s lack of strength may be problematic as well and 6) A player’s whose first name starts with Bark should be playing in front of the Dawg Pound.

Full write-up can be found here.

7. Arizona Cardinals: OG/C Jon Cooper

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Browns do not play the Cards this year. This is a team that thinks it can compete this year. This pick should help their run game as well as keep Palmer on his feet. This along with Palmer should assist them in competing for the playoffs. So at least if the Browns struggle this year this is one less team fighting for a high pick.

8. St. Louis Rams: WR Tavon Austin

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Browns do not play the Rams this year either. We do play them in pre-season though and with our lack of CBs he probably will run around us often. The only question this might lead to is since it is most thought that the Jets wanted Mingo and Austin and now are both gone do the Jets try to pry Mingo from the Browns either using their 2nd Rd. pick, or some bigger deal with their other first? Doubtful but a thought.

9. New York Jets: DB Dee Milliner

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Browns play the Jets in Week 16. The team is rebuilding so this year might be a throw away but this pick, along with 13 could have a great impact on how they are playing late in the year. Milliner was the top DB in this years draft. The Jets have some need for another CB but with Cromartie and Kyle Wilson, a 1st Rd pick a few years back, CB was not a high need. This may be a pick they possibly trade in the future, but those trades are unlikely so do not expect it.

10. Tennesee Titans: OG Chance Warmack

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Browns do not play the Titans this year in the regular season. The Titans have added Warmack to another good guard, Levitre from the Bills and Delanie Walker TE/FB from the 49ers. Somewhere Chris Johnson should be having his gold tooth smile wide open. Last year Johnson struggled to find holes to run through, this year that should not be a problem. This line may also allow for Locker to find receivers down the field off of play action. In a best case scenario for the Browns they will be competing for a Wild Card spot. Tennessee’s line should keep the Titans within a game or two of Wild Card contention as well. One more team more likely to make the playoffs in 2013 over the Browns.

11. San Diego Chargers: OT DJ Fluker

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

Another team the Browns don’t play this year. The Chargers are changing coaches and systems. This year is probably a rebuild year for the Chargers, but they do have a franchise QB and keeping him upright is a primary need. They still lack a LT, and Fluker like Andre Smith, is not likely to transfer over to the left side. The Chargers are more likely to fight with the Browns for a high draft pick then for a playoff spot. There were not likely any players they could of drafted here that could of changed this.

12. Oakland Raiders: CB DJ Hayden

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

This is somewhat of a surprise, not only because of his health issues, but also due to the other players on the board including a long list of DTs. The Browns do not have the Raiders on their schedule. Like San Diego this pick probably does not help the Raiders move towards competing for the playoffs. The Raiders have so many holes that a CB next year is not going to impact the Raiders win/loss column. The Raiders may have the best odds of the top pick in the 2014 draft. With no QB of the future they would probably be looking for a QB. If the Browns are near the top of the draft it most likely mean Weeden struggled and the Browns need a QB as well. The Raiders and the Browns might fight it out for the top QBs next year.

13. New York Jets: DT Sheldon Richardson

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Jets take a DT to go with 2 defensive players in the first round. As stated with their first pick the Jets play against the Browns. Richardson joins Coples and Wilkerson as first round picks over the past 3 years that could form a dynamic DLine in Rex Ryan’s 34 defense. Trent Richardson and the Browns might finding running in Week 16 difficult because of this. One other impact that may be of concern for the Browns is the amount of talent and resources dedicated to these 3 on the DLine. If this is Ryan’s last year as the Jets HC, the continued building of a 34 defense may limit the targets for the next HC. The Browns currently employ a highly sought after DC who happens to run a 34. Horton should be a hot name in NY next year.

14. Carolina Panthers: DT Star Lotulelei

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

Carolina is probably jumping for joy that Star fell to them. They had the option between Star and Floyd, which many wouldn’t think was a possibility just 24 hours ago. If the Panthers can shore up their D, while Cam Newton continues to grow as a QB, this is looking more like a playoff contender next year, therefore not impacting the Browns draft or playoff outcomes most likely. Lets hope Star’s heart condition was not a sign of future concerns for him and his family.

15. New Orleans: S Kenny Vaccaro

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Saints had one of the most unique seasons of all time last year. Payton has returned and offense has not been a problem but the defense gave up a historical amount of points. Now with Rob Ryan coming in an aggressive Safety like Vaccaro who can cover the slot, rush the passer and play all over the field. Like Carolina this pick should not impact the Browns playoff or draft prospects next year and the teams do not play each other.

16. Buffalo Bills: QB EJ Manuel

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The first possible “reach” with the Bills trading back and then selecting Manuel at #16. Manuel did not show great footwork, progressing the field and accuracy. The Browns may have had some interest in Manuel in the 3rd round, or with a trade up in the 2nd. The Bills still are building and are most likely to be picking high next year. Like the Browns this year, by selecting a QB in the first round this year, unless there is significant factors the Bills are now not selecting a QB next year, leaving one less competitor for a top QB if Weeden fails this year. Cleveland plays the Bills in Week 5 and will probably face Kevin Kolb as Manuel struggles to learn NFL defenses.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: OLB Jarvis Jones

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

Obviously the Browns and Steelers play each other 2 times a year every year. The Steelers are getting older but this pick fits a need. Jones produced much higher then the Browns pick Mingo. While his stats were great, his workout numbers were lacking as well as health related issues. My nightmare going into the draft was us selecting Mingo or Jordan, with Jones going to the Steelers and being better at the same position in the same defense.

18. San Fransico 49ers: S Eric Reid

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The 49ers are much better then the Browns and will not be drafting high next year. This pick though does have a possible impact down the road in this draft for the Browns. A Free Safety is a need for the Browns this year in the draft and now 2 have come off the board. Other teams, the Bengals for one, also have similar needs. This could leave the 2nd round pick lacking Browns on the outside looking in for a young safety.

19. New York Giants: OT Justin Pugh

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Browns do not play the Giants this year. The Giants should be fighting for the playoffs. This pick should have minimal short or long term impact on the Browns.

20. Chicago Bears: OG Kyle Long

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Browns play the Bears next year in Week 15. The Bears’ season will always depending on Cutler’s health. Long will assist in keeping him healthy. Long will have had time to adjust to the NFL wherever he is playing on the OLine. Forte will be running behind Long. Desmond Bryan, Rubin and Taylor will be needed to have big games to free up the linebackers to get to Forte behind the line and to get pressure on Cutler. If Cutler gets hurt the Browns are highly more likely to win, it might mean this pick was not a success and the Bears could be drafting high the next year.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: TE Tyler Eifert

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Browns play their AFC North rival twice a year. Eifert combined with Gresham and AJ Green will give the Browns Secondary and Linebacking core fits twice a year. Can ILB Jackson and whoever lines up next to him cover both of the TEs one on one? Who is going to play FS and are they big and strong enough to stay with both TEs. Will these dual TEs keep Green from being doubled by Haden and one of our safeties. All of these questions lead to this pick having a great impact on the Browns odds of winning either of these games. This means this pick probably influences us to a higher draft pick in 2014.

22. Atlanta Falcons: CB Desmond Trufant

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Falcons are Super Bowl or bust. Obviously the Browns are not on the same page with the Falcons. Thankfully the Browns don’t have to play the Falcons this year. With another DB off the board again this could impact who is available when the Browns select in the 3rd round, or if they trade back into the 2nd.

23. Minnesota Vikings: DT Shariff Floyd

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Browns play the Vikings in the 3rd game of the year. Floyd will partner up with Jared Allen on their DLine. The Browns OLine is a strength but will now have to deal with an upgraded DLine. This pick could be problematic for the Browns depending on how the Vikings use their 2nd first rounder. The team still doesn’t have much in the way of the offense besides Peterson.

24. Indianapolis Colts: DE/OLB Bjoern Werner

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Colts were the surprise team last year. Often this can be due to scheduling but with their coach’s fight with cancer and their luck of getting the #1 pick in the year of Andrew Luck, the Colts are probably not a one year wonder. Yet with a strong AFC, if the Browns catch some breaks, they might find themselves competing with the Colts for a playoff spot. Werner is a somewhat surprising pick here for the Colts and their 34 defense. Werner projects much better as a 43 DE. Pagano has a great history as a DCordinator so he should be given the benefit of the doubt.

25. Minnesota Vikings: CB Xavier Rhodes

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

As discussed at pick 23 these picks combine to impact the Browns game in week 3. The Vikings double up on defensive picks. With the Browns struggles on offense the team has to be concerned with both of these picks. The Vikings are a team who made the playoffs last year, and wouldn’t surprise if they made it again next year, but with their limited offense missing the playoffs is also a possibility.

26. Green Bay Packers: DE Donte Jones

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Browns play the Packers in Week 7. Jones can provide help to their defense in a variety of positions including DE or OLB. Last year GB went with Nick Perry at OLB and continue to build a front 7 with BJ Raji, AJ Hawk, Matthews and many others. The Browns will be huge underdogs in this game. This pick does not significantly effect the possible outcome but could impact our offensive output in the middle of the season. This will be near the mid point of the season and judgement on Brandon Weeden could be greatly impacted.

27. Houston Texans: WR DeAndre Hopkins

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Texans have been seeking a #2 WR to line up across from Andre Johnson for a number of years, including drafting Devier Posey out of The Ohio State University last year. Posey tore his Achilles near the end of the year last year so WR continues to be a need for a team who has Super Bowl on their mind. This pick should have little impact on the Browns as WR is not high on their draft list, the teams do not play each other and Houston’s goals are much higher then the Browns.

28. Denver Broncos: DT Sylvester Williams

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

This pick is similar to the summary from the Texans selection. Very little impact on the Browns for the same reasons including position, goals and not playing each other this year. Williams was seen as a possible top 15 to 20 pick dropping here to Denver. John Fox and Jack Del Rio has to be happy with this addition. Whether they are able to make up for the loss of Elvis Dummervil is not addressed directly by this pick.

29. Minnesota Vikings: WR Cordarrelle Patterson

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

By addressing their defense with their first two picks, the Vikings finally address their offense. Patterson is a raw WR. Historically rookie WRs struggle. They have upgraded their long term talent on offense but this pick will have less impact on the game versus the Browns. Patterson does have some return ability so will have to be of concern for the Browns who will be breaking in a new Punter this year as well as many new special teams players. With 2 first round picks on defense and now one on offense the Vikings have clearly upgraded their team. Patterson will remind some Browns fans of Greg Little.

30. St. Louis Rams: LB Alec Ogletree

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Rams have added a playmaker on Offense earlier with Tavon Austin, now add one on defense. Where Ogletree will fit next to James Laurinitis will be intriguing but he can play some OLB in the 43 the Rams run. The Browns do not have a big need at LB after taking Mingo early, have minimal impact from this pick.

31. Dallas Cowboys: C Travis Frederick

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

The Cowboys surprised many with this selection. OLine play was a concern across the line but this pick does not seem to have the value needed to make this selection. The Browns and Cowboys do not play this year. The Cowboys, as in many years past, seem to have the roster to compete for the playoffs but could implode without surprising many on lookers. A failure of this proportion may lead to the inevitable removal of Jason Garrett as a head coach. With Monte Kiffen coming in to install his 43 D high probability that the next coach would probably want some continuity there, making the Browns DC Horton unlikely. However Jerry Jones’ old OC from the days of the Triplets is currently Browns OC Norv Turner. Jones may turn to one of his old war horses leading the Browns to needing a new OC one season in.

32. Baltimore Ravens: S Matt Elam

Impact on the Cleveland Browns: 

With the final pick in the 1st Round of the 2013 NFL Draft the Ravens may have replaced Ed Reed with Elam. The back end of the Ravens D, along with their ILBs were areas of obvious concern for the team. Elam joins FA signing Michael Huff to give the Ravens two players with versatility. Both Elam and Huff have some history of playing CB and could drop down there in many alignments. The Ravens have many concerns for a reigning Super Bowl Champion. How the Browns will compete with the Ravens, and how the Ravens will rebound from all of their off season losses and aging roster is mystifying. The Browns may expect a split and hope for sweeping the team that used to dwell in their town and used to wear their colors.

Hope you enjoyed reading Browns centric review of the 2013 1st Round of the NFL Draft. Feel free to share, tweet and or comment below. Read here for review of Browns use of the #6 pick.

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