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Your guide to Cincinnati Bengals betting in Ohio
Jan 22, 2022; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; A general overall view of the downtown skyline and
Jan 22, 2022; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; A general overall view of the downtown skyline and / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals are one of a handful of professional sports teams in Ohio and one of two NFL teams in the state that you can bet on.

The Bengals were long considered the laughing stock of the NFL, rarely being a true contender since joining the league in 1968. Now, they’re looked at as one of the best teams in the league with quarterback Joe Burrow becoming the face of the franchise.

They’ve been to three Super Bowls in their team’s history, but have yet to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Their most recent Super Bowl appearance came in 2022 after the 2021 season, falling to the Los Angeles Rams by a final score of 23-20.

Bengals’ fans are hoping they can return to the Big Dance again with Burrow as their quarterback. We could be entering a period of consistent winning seasons for Cincinnati.

This week’s Bengals spread

Bengals Super Bowl and playoff odds

Cincinnati Bengals’ odds to win the Super Bowl

As long as Joe Burrow is in Cincinnati, the Bengals are going to be contenders to win the Super Bowl. It’s a new concept for Bengals fans who started following the team in 1990 and beyond, but it’s tough to argue against a bet on Cincinnati to win the Super Bowl yearly at this point.

H3: Cincinnati Bengals odds to make the playoffs

The Bengals are expected to be a playoff team on an almost yearly basis while Joe Burrow is their quarterback. They’ll likely be favored to do it year in and year out, but things could change depending on injuries and who they surround Burrow with in the years to come.

Best Bengals sportsbooks

These are all of the sportsbooks that are available in Ohio where you can bet on the Bengals. 

  • Betfred
  • BetJACK
  • BetMGM
  • Bet365
  • BetPARX
  • Betr
  • BetRivers
  • Betway
  • Caesars
  • DraftKings
  • Fanatics
  • FanDuel
  • Belterra Park
  • Hard Rock
  • MVGBet (Betly)
  • PointsBet
  • SuperBook
  • Tipico
  • Betfred is the official sports betting partner of the Cincinnati Bengals.

    2023 Bengals offseason moves

    Players Added:

    • Orlando Brown Jr. - OT - (signed in free agency to 4 year contract)
    • Nick Scott - S - (signed in free agency to 3 year contract)
    • Cody Ford - OG - (signed in free agency to 1 year contract)
    • Sidney Jones - CB - (signed in free agency to 1 year contract)
    • Irv Smith Jr. - TE - (signed in free agency to a 1 year contract)
    • Tarell Basham - DE - (signed in free agency to 1 year contract)
    • Trevor Siemian - QB - (signed in free agency to 1 year contract)

    Players added in 2023 NFL Draft

    • Myles Murphy - DE - selected 28th overall
    • D.J. Turner - CB - selected 60th overall
    • Jordan Battle - S - selected 95th overall
    • Charlie Jones - WR - selected 131st overall
    • Chase Brown - RB - selected 163rd overall
    • Andrei Iosivas - WR - selected 206th overall
    • Brad Robbins - P - selected 217th overall
    • D.J. Ivey - CB - selected 246th overall

    Players lost in the offseason

    • Jessie Bates III (Signed with Falcons)
    • Vonn Bell (Signed with Panthers)
    • Eli Apple (Signed with Dolphins)
    • Hayden Hurst (Signed with Panthers)
    • Samaje Perine (Signed with Broncos)
    • Tre Flowers (Signed with Falcons)

    Bengals schedule for 2024-25 season

    2024 Opponents

    How to bet on the Bengals

    The NFL is by far the most popular sports league in North America to bet on. Not only are there a near-unlimited amount of options to wager on, but the fact that most of the games are on Sunday gives us days in advance to plan our bets. Then we get to sit down and watch them all unfold in front of us at once.

    Let’s take a look at the various markets you can choose to wager on for both the Bengals and the NFL as a whole.


    The most simple way to bet on the NFL is the moneyline. This is a bet on which team is going to win the game.

    For example, if the Bengals are playing against the Browns in an AFC North matchup, here is an example of what the moneyline odds may look like:

    • Bengals moneyline (-210)
    • Browns moneyline (+155)

    In this example, a bettor would have to wager $210 on the Bengals to win a profit of $100 if the Bengals are victorious. On the other side of the game, betting $100 on the Browns to win would cash you a profit of $155 if they beat the Bengals. In this scenario, the Bengals are the favorites and the Browns are the underdogs.


    The most common type of bet for football games is wagering on the spread. The spread is used to make a game, in theory, a “coin flip”, meaning each side has a 50% chance of winning. That way, it can make one-sided games much more exciting to watch and bet on.

    Can the Bengals win the game as big favorites? Absolutely, but can they cover the spread too? That’s a whole different question.

    Let’s use a Bengals vs. Browns matchup in another example of what a spread bet would look like:

    • Bengals -7.5 (-110)
    • Browns +7.5 (-110)

    In this scenario, the Bengals are favored by 7.5 meanings. Meaning, if you bet the Bengals -7.5, you need Cincinnati to win by eight points or more. If they win by seven points or fewer or if the Browns win the game outright, those who bet Browns +7.5 we win their bet.

    Points totals (over/under)

    The OVER/UNDER, better known as the total, is a bet on how many combined points will be scored in a single game.

    Many people view the OVER, as the most fun bet to place since you’re just sitting back and rooting for points, no matter who scores them. Meanwhile, betting the UNDER can be gut-wrenching as you’re actively rooting for a boring, defensive game.

    Let’s look at another example to display what a bet on the total would look like:

    • 47.5 (Over -110/Under -110)

    In this theoretical situation, the total for the game is set at 47.5 points. That means for the OVER to win, there must be 48 or more combined points scored in the game. For the UNDER to win, there must be 47 or fewer points scored.

    Here are some potential final scores and the result on the total

    • Bengals 28, Browns 24 - OVER
    • Bengals 20, Browns 17 - UNDER
    • Bengals 31, Browns 35 - OVER

    Keep in mind, if the total is set at an even number, a PUSH is possible. For example, if the total is set at 47.0 instead of 47.5, your bet will be refunded whether you bet on the OVER or UNDER if the total combined points land exactly on 47.

    Bengals player props and futures

    Player Props

    Betting on player props has become an increasingly popular way to wager on the NFL. Instead of betting on the outcome of the game, fans can focus on one specific player to wager on, whether you’re betting on a good or bad performance by them.

    An example of a player prop would be Joe Burrow’s passing yards:

    • Joe Burrow passing yards: 264.5 (Over -110/Under -110)

    For this bet, you’d be betting on whether or not Joe Burrow throws for more or less than 264.5 passing yards. The outcome of the game and whether or not the Bengals win has no impact on this bet.


    Futures are types of wagers that are more long-term. Instead of betting on a single game, you’re betting on a season-long outcome for a player or a team.

    Here are a few examples:

    • Super Bowl winner
    • Conference winner
    • Division winner
    • OVER/UNDER regular season win total
    • To make or miss the playoffs
    • NFL MVP
    • Other NFL awards (Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, etc)

    Other types of futures bets are available, such as the exact amount of wins a team finishes with in a season, or season-long over/under on certain stats for players. Regardless, futures bets are wagers on long-term outcomes.

    You can often find plenty of value betting on futures with the only downside being your bet is likely going to be locked up for weeks or months until you wait for the outcome of the bet.

    But, if you were to bet on the Bengals to win the Super Bowl before the season starts at +1500, those odds could change quickly if the Bengals win their first few games of the season. Then, you’d be sitting with a +1500 ticket while their odds five weeks into the season could be sitting at a much shorter price like +600.

    Paycor Stadium

    [insert google map widget]

    The Bengal’s home stadium is Paycor Stadium, which is located at 1 Paycor Stadium, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

    The stadium was previously known as Paul Brown Stadium and was opened on August 19, 2000. It has a seating capacity of 65,515.

    “The Jungle” is the stadium's nickname due to “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses being the team’s unofficial anthem.

    Cincinnati Bengals TV and Radio coverage

    Here are the best ways to watch and listen to the Bengals:

    How to watch Bengals in Ohio on TV

    Fans can watch the Bengals in Ohio by a variety of means, depending on whether the game is on Sunday afternoon or in a primetime slot.

    Those platforms include CBS, Fubo, ESPN, NFL+, Paramount+, and NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube. Where to watch changes weekly based on the day and time the Bengals play.

    How to listen to Bengals in Ohio

    You can listen to the Bengals' game broadcast across the state of Ohio on Cincinnati’s flagship stations including 700WLW, ESPN 1530, and 102.7 WEBN.

    Bengals trivia, facts, and history - FAQ

    What year did the Bengals start playing in the NFL?

    The Bengals joined the AFL (American Football League) in 1968 and played in that league for two years and then was part of the merger with the NFL in 1970.

    What is the Cincinnati Bengals franchise worth?

    The Bengals franchise was estimated in 2023 to have a value of $4 billion.

    When was the last time the Cincinnati Bengals made the Super Bowl?

    The Bengals made Super Bowl 56 in 2022 after the 2021 season. They lost to the Los Angeles Rams by a final score of 23-20.

    When was the last time the Cincinnati Bengals won the Super Bowl?

    The Bengals have never won the Super Bowl. They’re 0-3 in Super Bowl appearances.

    What is the best regular season record in Cincinnati Bengals history?

    The Bengals have had three seasons where they finished with a 12-4 record. Those seasons occurred in 1981, 1988, 2015, and 2022. It’s worth noting that each team was scheduled to play 17 regular season games in 2022, but the Bengals only completed 16 games due to a game against the Bills being canceled when Damar Hamlin, a player on Buffalo, collapsed during the 1st half. The game was eventually ruled a no-contest, resulting in neither a win or a loss for the Bengals. They finished the season with a 12-4 record in a 17-game regular season.

    What is the worst regular season record in Cincinnati Bengals history?

    The Bengals had two separate seasons where they finished with a record of 2-14. Those two seasons were 2002 and 2019. The Bengals have never won fewer than two games in a single season.

    Which jersey numbers have been retired by the Cincinnati Bengals?

    The Cincinnati Bengals have only retired one number in their team’s history: 54 - Bob Johnson.

    How many Bengals players have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame?

    The following players, who at one time played for the Cincinnati Bengals, have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame: Charlie Joiner - Inducted in 1996, Anthony Muñoz - Inducted in 1998, Terrell Owens - WR - Inducted in 2018, Ken Riley - CB - Inducted in 2023. Only Anthony Muñoz and Ken Riley played their whole career for the Bengals.

    Which team is the biggest rival of the Cincinnati Bengals?

    The Cleveland Browns, who are an AFC North opponent, and the other team based in Ohio, are considered to be the Bengals’ biggest rivals.

    How many times have the Bengals had the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft?

    The Bengals have had the No. 1 overall pick a total of four times in the history of their franchise. Here are the players they selected with those No. 1 overall picks: 1994: Dan Wilkinson, 1995: Ki-Jana Carter, 2003: Carson Palmer, 2020: Joe Burrow.

    When was the last time the Bengals won the AFC North?

    The Bengals won the AFC North in both 2021 and 2022.

    What is the cost of Cincinnati Bengals tickets?

    According to Seat Geek, the average price of a ticket to a Bengals game is $421. The approximate price of the cheapest ticket is $138.

    Who is the owner of the Cincinnati Bengals?

    The owner of the Cincinnati Bengals is Mike Brown, the son of the co-founder of the team, Paul Brown.

    How many Super Bowls have the Cincinnati Bengals won?

    The Bengals have yet to win a Super Bowl. They’re 0-3 in Super Bowl appearances. The latest loss came at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams at Super Bowl 56.

    Who is the most famous player to play for the Cincinnati Bengals?

    Joe Burrow, who is their current starting quarterback and the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 draft, is likely the most famous player to have played for the Cincinnati Bengals. Boomer Esiason, who was the quarterback of the team from 1984-1992, including winning NFL MVP and leading them to the Super Bowl in 1988, could make the argument as the most famous player for the Bengals before Burrow was drafted by the team.

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