Sep 15, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith (82) runs with the ball after a reception as Cleveland Browns linebacker Jabaal Sheard (97) chases during the first half at M

Browns - Ravens: 4th Quarter Notes and Evaluations

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Browns 9th Possession (continued)

  • Browns go for it on 4th and 4. Jordan Cameron gets 3 yards plus but is just short.
    • Gutsy play doesn’t lead to a 1st, by a credit card. Huge play in the game.
  • Browns challenge spot of the play.
    • Good challenge. Ref got down on all 4s to check the spot, so worth a chance for Chud in this spot.
    • Call stands.

Ravens 9th Possession

  • Penalty on first down leads to 1st and 20. 2 plays still 3 and 21.
    • When in position the Browns defense has held up well.
  • Rush gets there, hits Flacco’s arm, pass incomplete on 3rd down.
    • Turnover on Downs causes no problems as the Ravens punt.

Browns 10th Possession

  • Browns start their possession with 2 throws, 1 off Little’s hands the other a throw away.
    • Browns don’t go to Trent Richardson in the 4th quarter when down 1. Not sure that makes sense.
  • Weeden sacked on 3rd down for a loss of 10. 4th sack of Weeden.
    • With no Richarson in the game, and no receiver running any underneath routes Weeden had no chance.
  • Punt leads to big return by the Ravens to the Browns side of the ball.
    • Long game starting to take impact on less talented team. A few key plays stand out for today’s game so far.

Ravens 10th Possession

  • On first down run Ray Rice goes down without being touched.
    • Grabbed his hip after first plant. Walks off on his own but limping.
  • Mingo tips and almost picks off a pass.
    • The first rounder looks good so far in his first game.
  • Ravens pick up a third down on a deep middle throw.
    • Secondary still struggling but better then last week. Blitz not getting there was a big deal.
  • Flacco hits rookie Marlon Brown on 2 plays in a row, the second a touchdown.
    • Small corners cause issues again as 6’5″ Brown over 5’9″ Chris Owens leads to 14 unanswered points.

Browns 11th Possession

  • Two quick passes, to Richardson and Cameron, lead to a first down.
    • Browns seem to be abandoning the run game again but they get a first.
  • Two more passes lead to a 3rd down and 10 then a delay of game call.
    • Weeden struggles in the huddle to get the play called. Are the plays too long in verbiage?
  • Pass completed for 8 yards on 3rd and 15. Punt out of the endzone for a touchback.
    • No rhythm when you don’t run the ball and then have penalties.

Ravens 11th Possession

  • Ravens run some clock off with run plays.
    • Unlike the Browns the Ravens trust their run game, even without Rice.
  • Ravens punt is downed at the 1 inch line.
    • Weeden is out due to a thumb injury, Jason Campbell needs to take the team 99 yards in 3 minutes.

Browns 12th Possession

  • On his first pass attempt Campbell takes a risk but a pass interference call gives the Browns so breathing room.
    • Campbell lost a competition this off-season to Weeden so expecting a huge upgrade is not appropriate.
  • 2 more passes, after the PI gave a first down, incomplete leading to 3rd and 10.
    • Still no running game. Richardson on the bench.
  • On 3rd down another incomplete pass leads to 4th down.
    • Campbell’s pass had little hope of completion.
  • On 4th down rush flushes Campbell who underhands pass to Cameron for a turnover on downs.
    • Like last year the offense doesn’t look like it is able to win a game.

Ravens 12th Possession

  • Browns have no timeouts so Baltimore looks to run the clock out with Pierce.
    • Browns defense has been on the field for a long time and may give in now that game is unlikely to be won.
  • Ravens Pierce gets first down on 3rd and 4.
    • Browns know the rush is coming but can’t stop it after the 2 minute warning.
  • Ravens run the clock out in the victory formation.

Scoreboard: Ravens 14 Browns 6

Lots of follow up required following this one.





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