Sep 15, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (5) drops back to pass against the Cleveland Browns during the first half at M

Browns - Ravens: A Narrative, Flow Recap of Week 2

If you were not able to watch the game, or want to read a different kind of recap, this will help you “feel” the flow of the game. This is not a typical recap, or full of statistics. Instead the goal is that by reading this you get a understanding of how the game went, the flow of the game and how the game got to its ending. Feedback is always welcome.

Ravens 1st Possession

  • Testy start to the game as the Browns shut down the Ravens on 1st and 2nd then Phil Taylor flagged for 15 yard penalty for hitting Ray Rice in the helmet.
    • For the Browns showing attitude and not fearing the Ravens is a great sign for the team. The Ravens are normally very respectful and cautious on offense, leaving the attitude to the defense. Interesting to see the change.
  • Early in the first drive Browns DBs seem to be taking away the deep ball.
    • This has left underneath throws open for Flacco.
  • Rookie Barkevious Mingo gets his 1st sack.
    • Mingo hit Flacco as the QB hit his back foot on his drop. Quick rush against the bigger Bryant McKinnie should work and setup the swim or spin move later.

Browns 1st Possession

  • Tight End Jordan Cameron with a big 53 yard reception on Browns first play.
    • Cameron’s big Week 1 may not be a fluke, he was wide open, but Weeden was given time to find him.
  • Weeden looked for the good route runner Devone Bess but no one was open.
    • Cameron and Richardson were off the field on the key 3rd down play, doesn’t seem like the best personnel decision.

Ravens 2nd Possession

  •  3 and out for the Ravens
    • Impressive stand by the Browns defense that should continue to gain respect around the league.

Browns 2nd Possession

  • Travis Benjamin returns to the 33 yard line.
    • Where the punt was caught a great return by Benjamin to get Browns decent starting field position.
  • On 3 and 2 Browns with a delay of game, punt 1 play later.
    • Team didn’t break the huddle until 10 left on play clock, not a good sign for Weeden or coaching staff.

Ravens 3rd Possession

  • Ravens get a first down but drive fizzles out.
    • Browns pass rush and lack of Rice on the field leads to Ravens punt.

Browns 3rd Possession

  • Browns get a first down after starting inside of the 10 yard.
    • 2 solid positive runs by Richardson and the solid route runner Bess led to a first as the 1st quarter comes to an end.
  • Drive fizzles as Devone Bess catches the ball 1 yard short or the first down, leaving to a punt.
    • Weeden locked on to Bess and didn’t look at other receivers.

Ravens 4th Possession

  • Tandon Doss, playing in place of injured Jacoby Jones, with a big punt return to near midfield.
    • A couple missed tackles led to Doss’s return after a long punt.
  • Ravens go 3 and out.
    • Again the Browns look great on defense. How Flacco held on to the ball during the sack is impressive.

Browns 4th Possession

  • Weeden stood in to deliver the ball down the field to Benjamin.
    • Starting back at their 7 the Browns need to switch field position if possible, big throw.
  • Browns with another first down.
    • Using Richardson on 1st and 2nd leaves to manageable 3rd down, to Bess again.
  • Browns punt after a sack of the right side again.
    • While they got the sack, Weeden has more time to move around this week compared to last week.

Ravens 5th Possession

  • On screen pass, Mingo cuts down Rice after 7 yards.
    • Mingo’s speed obvious as he was in the backfield when Flacco let go of the ball.
  • Another 3 and out leads to a punt.
    • Browns defense doing work to hold down Flacco and the Ravens. Mingo’s speed led to holing penalty and 10 more yards.

Browns 5th Possession

  • Browns allow clock to click down to 2 minute warning.
    • With a 3 and 4 and the ball at their 37 its a smart safe decision.
  • Browns forced to punt after a big sack by what looked like most of the Ravens Front 7, second bad punt in a row.
    • Weeden didn’t have a quick hot route run so no options, lucky to hold onto the ball.

Ravens 6th Possession

  • Good starting position at the 35 for the Ravens with a little over a minute left in the half.
    • Hardwork in the first half could be for naught if the Ravens can put points on the board.
  • Huge 20 yard underneath reception by Torrey Smith with no one near Smith.
    • Like in the first half, protecting the deep ball leaves the middle underneath open.
  • No call on the scrum at the end of the 3rd down play.
    • May have been lucky for the Browns as the flag was thrown because of a Browns move.
  • Tucker misses his second FG.
    • Browns dodge a huge bullet and should go into half with a lead, and get the ball after the half.

Browns 6th Possession

  • 1st down with 25 seconds left on a pass to Cameron and a big pass to Greg Little to put the Browns near FG range.
    • Browns don’t take a knee instead look to put more points on the board.
  • 51 Yard Field Goal Attempt is Good!
    • Aggressive play calling leads to a 6 – 0 Browns lead going into half, and they get the ball back after the half.

Browns 7th Possession

  • First outside run to Richardson goes for 7 yards.
    • All runs can’t be outside but Richardson in space is impressive especially his cutting ability.
  • Outside run by Richardson loses 3 and pressure on 3rd leads to a punt.
    • A few first downs open the 2nd half well but can’t keep it going. Outside runs can cause negative plays.

Ravens 7th Possession

  • Ravens give the ball to Ray Rice for a first down.
    • Going away from Rice was not positive for the Ravens, expect more this half.
  • After a big pass play to Smith the Ravens go to their backup RB Benard Pierce for 2 runs for 3 yards.
    • Giving Rice rest is important but limits his touches significantly.
  • Underneath throws lead to 2 first downs.
    • Horton hasn’t found a way to cover the underneath routes yet.
  • Pierce powers close to the goal line then powers it in for a TD.
    • Two and a half quarters of quality play out the window, with the lead, on 1 touchdown drive.

Browns 8th Possession

  • Browns pickup first down on Devone Bess underneath route
    • Balance of Richardson and Bess leads to another first. Solid pair who gets good tough yardage.
  • Weeden overthows FB Chris Ogbonnaya on a wide open wheel route.
    • Ogbonnaya would of been able to make it in for a touchdown if a little touch placed on the ball.
  • The overthrow and a penalty leads to a punt.
    • Weeden tried to force one in that hit Little in the hands, but was triple covered and a good punt ensued.

Ravens 8th Possession

  • Rice fumbles the ball and the Browns recover.
    • Craig Robertson punches the ball out, ball stayed on the field for a long time but Browns pounce and recover.

Browns 9th Possession

  • Browns look for a big play after the turnover but Weeden gets sacked for a loss of 8.
    • Weeden needs to find his check down receiver much quicker.
  • On 3rd and 18 Weeden’s arm is hit while throwing the pass, Ogbonnaya able to watch the flight of the ball for a 14 yard gain.
    • No first down but the Browns luck is better then usual as they didn’t turn the ball over.
  •  Browns go for it on 4th and 4. Jordan Cameron gets 3 yards plus but is just short.
    • Gutsy play doesn’t lead to a 1st, by a credit card. Huge play in the game.
  • Browns challenge spot of the play.
    • Good challenge. Ref got down on all 4s to check the spot, so worth a chance for Chud in this spot.

Close Browns Measure

    • Call stands.

Ravens 9th Possession

  • Penalty on first down leads to 1st and 20. 2 plays still 3 and 21.
    • When in position the Browns defense has held up well.
  • Rush gets there, hits Flacco’s arm, pass incomplete on 3rd down.
    • Turnover on Downs causes no problems as the Ravens punt.

Browns 10th Possession

  • Browns start their possession with 2 throws, 1 off Little’s hands the other a throw away.
    • Browns don’t go to Trent Richardson in the 4th quarter when down 1. Not sure that makes sense.
  • Weeden sacked on 3rd down for a loss of 10. 4th sack of Weeden.
    • With no Richarson in the game, and no receiver running any underneath routes Weeden had no chance.
  • Punt leads to big return by the Ravens to the Browns side of the ball.
    • Long game starting to take impact on less talented team. A few key plays stand out for today’s game so far.

Ravens 10th Possession

  • On first down run Ray Rice goes down without being touched.
    • Grabbed his hip after first plant. Walks off on his own but limping.
  • Mingo tips and almost picks off a pass.
    • The first rounder looks good so far in his first game.
  • Ravens pick up a third down on a deep middle throw.
    • Secondary still struggling but better then last week. Blitz not getting there was a big deal.
  • Flacco hits rookie Marlon Brown on 2 plays in a row, the second a touchdown.
    • Small corners cause issues again as 6’5″ Brown over 5’9″ Chris Owens leads to 14 unanswered points.

Browns 11th Possession

  • Two quick passes, to Richardson and Cameron, lead to a first down.
    • Browns seem to be abandoning the run game again but they get a first.
  • Two more passes lead to a 3rd down and 10 then a delay of game call.
    • Weeden struggles in the huddle to get the play called. Are the plays too long in verbiage?
  • Pass completed for 8 yards on 3rd and 15. Punt out of the endzone for a touchback.
    • No rhythm when you don’t run the ball and then have penalties.

Ravens 11th Possession

  • Ravens run some clock off with run plays.
    • Unlike the Browns the Ravens trust their run game, even without Rice.
  • Ravens punt is downed at the 1 inch line.
    • Weeden is out due to a thumb injury, Jason Campbell needs to take the team 99 yards in 3 minutes.

Browns 12th Possession

  • On his first pass attempt Campbell takes a risk but a pass interference call gives the Browns so breathing room.
    • Campbell lost a competition this off-season to Weeden so expecting a huge upgrade is not appropriate.
  • 2 more passes, after the PI gave a first down, incomplete leading to 3rd and 10.
    • Still no running game. Richardson on the bench.
  • On 3rd down another incomplete pass leads to 4th down.
    • Campbell’s pass had little hope of completion.
  • On 4th down rush flushes Campbell who underhands pass to Cameron for a turnover on downs.
    • Like last year the offense doesn’t look like it is able to win a game.

Ravens 12th Possession

  • Browns have no timeouts so Baltimore looks to run the clock out with Pierce.
    • Browns defense has been on the field for a long time and may give in now that game is unlikely to be won.
  • Ravens Pierce gets first down on 3rd and 4.
    • Browns know the rush is coming but can’t stop it after the 2 minute warning.
  • Ravens run the clock out in the victory formation.

Game: Ravens 14 Browns 6

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