Sep 15, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens guard Kelechi Osemele (72) prepares to block Cleveland Browns linebacker Barkevious Mingo (51) during the second half at M

Browns Fall to the Ravens: 3 Plays that Changed the Game

Sep 15, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith (82) runs with the ball as Cleveland Browns defensive back T.J. Ward (43) and defensive back Joe Haden (23) defend during the second half at M

In most games a couple plays can mean the difference between a win and a loss for both teams. The day after we will review such plays that led to either a Browns’ win or loss, hopefully more wins then losses. We will look how it could of effected the rest of the game and who great of an impact said play had.

Weeden Overthrows Ogbonnaya

The Browns were down 1 point, just after the Ravens’ first touchdown, and score, of the game. Chris Ogbonnaya, a fullback in name only, went out on a wheel route and found himself in wide open space. No player from either team was close to him and no Raven was in striking distance ahead of him. Weeden saw the FB, one of the few times he looked off his primary receiver, and gunned an overly excited pass his way. The pass led Ogbonnaya in the direction he was going, but was thrown to far. A little touch would of allowed the reception and a touchdown for the Browns who would of at least been up 5 pending an extra point or 2 point conversion.

Impact: The Browns then had a delay of game penalty and were forced to punt a few plays later. They never saw another opportunity to score after that.

Effect: High. It would not of guaranteed a win but the Browns would of been up and the pressure would of been on the home team to avoid going 0-2 after winning the Super Bowl. Instead the Browns punted and later the Ravens scored again putting a 8 point game out of reach for a team who didn’t get closer then the 30 yard line after their opening drive.

Flacco Hits Torrey Smith for First down

On their first drive of the second half the Ravens converted 3 third downs leading to their first touchdown. None was bigger then the pass to Smith for 23 yards, the second longest play for the Ravens on the day. On third and 6 Flacco hit Smith just as he broke in front of Joe Haden and in between a safety and linebacker. Great job by Smith to hold on to the ball.

Impact: The Ravens gain confidence and momentum that carried them to 2 more third down conversions. Instead of the Ravens punting they scored on the drive deflating and overcoming the lead the Browns spent the whole first half building. This throw also opened up the underneath for later in the drive.

Effect: Medium – Flacco may have been able to find someone else for the first, his next 2 conversions were on underneath throws, but it impacted the style of defense the Browns played and kept the drive going.

Mingo Deflects Pass, Flacco shields OLB from INT

Rookie Barkevious Mingo had a stellar game, winning our Factory Award this morning. On this play he beat the LT and jumped and deflected Flacco’s pass. The ball bounced high in the air and Mingo accelerated to pick off the deflection. The veteran Flacco got in the way of Mingo and kept him from picking off the ball.

Impact: Mingo may not of gotten to the ball, but throughout the game showed great speed and quickness so anything is possible. A INT would of stalled the Ravens second scoring drive and given the Browns good field position to at least make another field goal.

Effect: Medium-High – Its possible that Mingo could not of caught the ball, but it is the little plays that winning veteran players make that impact games. Flacco’s thought and willingness to get in Mingo’s way made sure that the rookie didn’t get his first sack and INT against him. It also led to another touchdown drive.

Any other plays we should of focused on? How would they of impacted and effected the game?

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