Oct 13, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden (3) is sacked by Detroit Lions defensive end Willie Young (79) during the third quarter at FirstEnergy Stadium. The Lions beat the Browns 31-17. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

A Mourning After... A Defeat (and The Flip Pick)

Oct 13, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) throws a pass against the Cleveland Browns during the fourth quarter at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Morning After is our weekly recap of the Browns game from the day prior. Yesterday’s game was a big come down from the excitement of 3 wins in a row.


The first half went well for the Browns. The Browns only got 2 first downs in the first quarter punting twice. The Lions led 7-0 after one quarter on a 1 yard touchdown pass.  The Browns “won” the second quarter with a short touchdown pass on a drive started with a 45 yard end around to dynamo Travis Benjamin. On their next possession Brandon Weeden threw his first INT, on a great leaping catch by Lions’ LB DeAndre Levy who was in blanket coverage on a ball that should not be thrown. The Lions struggled in the second quarter, getting only 1 first down. The Lions limitations on offense led to another touchdown pass from Weeden on a good throw in the redzone. A 3 play “drive” by the Lions led to a short drive, led by a 36 catch and run by Josh Gordon, and a 40 yard field goal for a 17-7 lead at half.

The second half was bad football for the home team. The Browns got zero first downs in the 3rd quarter while the Lions offense found their rhythm by hitting Reggie Bush and others over the middle of the field. Bush scored on a 18 yard touchdown reception down the middle of the field. The Lions could of scored again but a great pass deflection by Buster Skrine led to a Tashaun Gipson interception in the endzone. The Browns had a total of 6 yards in the quarter. The 4th started as bad with a punt and a Lions drive for a touchdown. The next drive by the Browns had 1 of huge calls by the referees that was impactful on the game. On 2nd and 25 Weeden found Greg Little on the sideline. Little caught the ball dragged 1 foot then touched the heel of his other in bounds. The ruling on the field was that Little was out of bounds. The Browns challenged but the call was not reversed. Two plays later the Browns punted, gave the Browns 15 yards on a penalty giving the Lions great field position. They only gained 8 yards but kicked a  yard field goal.

With the Browns down 7 this happened:

Possibly Worst INT ever


Yep he threw a under handed pass over halfway across the field that was intercepted by a player that was about 8 yards away when the ball was “thrown.” The Browns were still only down 7 and seemed to have stopped the Lions and forced a punt but a roughing the passer call on the Browns gave the Lions new life after a 3rd down incompletion. Quentin Groves started to tackle Stafford as the ball was thrown. He continued the tackle to the ground but seemed to let up on the way down. After the 15 yard penalty and first down the ran the ball to force the Browns to call timeouts, then hit for another passing touchdown.

Factory Player (For the Browns’ Star Player of the Game)

Joe Haden - While Calvin Johnson was hurt, Joe Haden held him down all game. Haden held him to 3 receptions and 25 yards. Johnson was on the field for limited plays but when he was Haden got physical with him and kept him out of his rhythm.

Sadness Player (For the Browns’ Player who Made Fans Sad)

Brandon Weeden - This happened, he gets the award:

Possibly Worst INT ever

Dishonorable Mention: Craig Robertson - Robertson was picked on most of the second half by Bush and the tight ends. He didn’t get the depth on coverage and couldn’t stay with anyone. Ray Horton could of done a better job of supporting Robertson, possibly using TJ Ward.

We will analyze more of this game today and this week as we look forward to a tough Packers game.

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  • Herman Moore

    The call on Little was correct. He touched one foot inbounds, but that same foot touched out of bounds before he got his other heel down. Incomplete pass. As for the roughing call on Groves, yes it was close, but that’s how the NFL does with QBs these days. Besides, you don’t think Lions fans are going to feel sympathetic, do you? If Suh had done that to Weeden, he’d be fined $500,000 by the league and Browns fans would be calling for him to be banned for life. Speaking of Weeden, I thought he played OK, that one horrible decision notwithstanding. With more experience and some coaching, he’s going to be a good QB, IMHO.

    And, it’s not “could of” it’s “could have”.

    • Jared Mueller


      Did you see any other angles then the 1 they showed on Fox? Thought it was pretty poor that there wasn’t any other video available then the one across the field view. I agree that Suh would of been fined drastically.

      Felt like the refs and announcers were overall bad yesterday.

      • Herman Moore

        Fox has some poor game announcers. And I’m not talking about disagreement with opinions they may have, I catch them every week making errors of fact concerning players, rules, and even what just happened in front of their faces.

        • Jared Mueller

          Yeah they were very frustrating to listen to yesterday. Even down to pronouncing Durham as Doorham. Not sure how the receiver pronounces it but it just sounded wrong each time.