Factory Lines: Player Development & Aguilar, Varejao & Felix, Shanahan & DeFillipo


After a day off we are back with our Factory Lines: A Daily Assembling of Cleveland Sports Headlines.

Cleveland Indians

Player Development Program Huge for the Indians

Their daily routine involves classroom sessions with various members of the Indians coaching staff, physical conditioning, baseball fundamental work and listening to guest speakers. In the past several former Indians players have spoken to the players, and the likes of local coaches such as Chuck Kyle of St. Ignatius and national personalities like Peter Gammons have made impactful speeches.

For the Indians, and other small market teams, these type of programs are the key to long term, sustainable success. Instead of being able to out spend people for players the Indians have to figure out how to develop high end talent, regularly. Getting prospects comfortable and acclimated to the major league work environment can be a huge step in the right direction.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Varejao Sits Against the Pelicans

The perpetually hustling Varejao had played in all 44 games this season for the Cavs after being plagued by variety of injuries in recent years. He played in just 81 games over the three previous seasons.

Andy’s injury was a big blow for the game last night, but could of allowed for a big confidence boom to rookie Anthony Bennett. Varejao’s game often is the glue that holds the team together. ESPN notes his hustling but its often his passing and spacing that helps the Cavs stay competitive.

Carrix Felix Out for 6-8 Weeks

The Cavaliers selected Felix out of Arizona State with the 33rd overall pick in the second round of the 2013 NBA Draft. The Cavaliers had hopes that Felix could provide depth behind guards Dion Waiters and C.J. Miles. That, however, hasn’t worked out. Felix has played in just six games for the Cavaliers this season and has spent most of the year going up and down between the Cavaliers and the team’s NBA Developmental League affiliate, the Canton Charge.

Felix was, and is, a low risk, low reward player for the Cavs. He has the defensive intensity to be valuable but at this point his offensive game needs a great deal of work. This injury hurts his time to develop on the court but may give him time to work on his shooting form, and the way he sees the game mentally. No big damage for the Cavs this year.

Cleveland Browns

Browns to Interview DeFilippo for Offensive Coordinator Position

DeFillipo, 35, is currently Raiders quarterbacks coach and spent the 2009 season with Browns coach Mike Pettine on the New York Jets staff, with DeFilippo serving as assistant quarterbacks coach and Pettine as defensive coordinator.

Obviously his connection to Pettine is a reason he is getting this interview but it is his work with Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin that has us impressed. Pryor’s throwing motion at Ohio State was shot put like and McGloin was a walk on at Penn State. Both had spurts of looking like solid NFL QBs, even if they fizzled, and that gets attention.

Browns to Interview Kyle Shanahan for Offensive Coordinator Position

Shanahan spent the past four seasons as Redskins’ coordinator under his dad, Mike, before both were fired a day after the season. The two were let go because of second-year quarterback Robert Griffin III’s rocky season and the Redskins’ 3-13 season. Discord between the younger Shanahan and Griffin was well-documented, and may have hurt his chances of landing other jobs.

Shanahan does not seem to have a direct connection to Pettine, and that is a good thing. Just hiring your friends or people you know is not hiring the best candidates. That Kyle had discord with RG3 is both concerning and exciting. Was there problems because of Shanahan? Concerning. Was there problems because Shanahan held RG3 accountable? Exciting. We may soon see what he has learned from this experience.

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