Jan 4, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) looks on as quarterback Nick Foles (9) warms up before the 2013 NFC wild card playoff football game against the New Orleans Saints at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick: QB Option for the Cleveland Browns in 2014?

The Cleveland Browns offensive staff is coming together with the addition of Kyle Shanahan, the rumors and speculation have started fast and furiously. The Browns will trade for Kirk Cousins, sign Matt Schaub or Rex Grossman and/or draft Johnny Manziel. All 4 have been connected to the Browns either due to their history with Shanahan or fit in his previously designed offenses. This is a somewhat limited expectation of Shanahan and Mike Pettine, that they are only interested in people who fit the OC’s background. Shanahan’s past shows an ability to design an offense around his players and Pettine said at his new conference that is how he plans to run the team.

Given that we add one more name to the list, Michael Vick, and give you a couple connections to think about:

Joe Banner

Banner was involved with the Philadelphia Eagles when the sign Vick after he was released from prison. Banner signed off on the deal and has first hand knowledge of Vick. Banner is currently the CEO but also involved in player acquisition, similar to John Elway (minus the Hall of Fame QB playing days). Banner also showed interest in Chip Kelly and Rob Chudzinski based on their use of the spread/read option experience. Vick was the original reason offenses started running this type of offense.

Jimmy Haslam

Haslam’s public image has hit a reef since buying the Browns. Bringing in Vick would excite a fan base, get the conversation off of Haslam’s issues and give the Browns an identity on offense. Haslam also seems to be future oriented in his thinking and could look to add Vick to give his “future QB” time to develop. Haslam has been more hands on this off-season then last and could look to make a PR and on field excitement type move. Haslam’s reported love of Johnny Manziel could show his desire for this type of player as well.

Kyle Shanahan

As noted Shanahan developed his offense around RG3 for the past 2 years. Vick is an older, more mature version of RG3, while both are very fragile. Shanahan could develop his offense in a way to protect Vick physically but still utilize his big arm and quick feet. Reports out of Philly were that he still beat everyone on the team in a 40 yard dash.

Johnny Manziel

The Browns “love” of Manziel has been reported pretty much everywhere. Except for mock drafts where he is gone by pick #4 or the writer is trying to be creative, Manziel is the choice for the Browns in nearly every mock draft. Could the Browns see the pairing of a now mature Vick and the developing young version of Vick in Manziel as the perfect long term compliment. Vick, or Brian Hoyer, could give the team time to develop Manziel while teaching him fundamentals and helping him mature on and off the field. No need to rush him. Give him a year with Vick and let him loose next season.

There are plenty of reasons this is not a good idea (health, desire to start, accuracy, etc) but a few that makes it look like a good one. What do you think? Do you think its a possible move the team would make? Is it a move you would support? Argue your side in our comments section and we will respond.

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