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Mel Kiper Jr.'s 2014 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Earlier we posted Todd McShay’s 2014 NFL Mock Draft. Now we take a look at Mel Kiper Jr.’s 2014 NFL Mock Draft (Insider, $). Most mock drafts have the Browns selecting Johnny Manziel lets take a look at who Kiper has the Browns selecting…

Teddy Bridgewater * Cleveland Browns (4-12) COLLEGE: Louisville AGE: 22 HT: 6-2 WT: 220 POS: QB

Analysis: I think it’s fair to say that for the first time in a while, the Browns have the talent in place to really help a young quarterback succeed. The presence of Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron and the results those two were able to put up last season with pretty mixed levels of QB play should give the Browns’ front office a reasonable level of confidence that a good decision-maker with a high level of accuracy has a chance to succeed early. And while Bridgewater still has areas where he needs to show growth, particularly in proving he can drive the ball down the field with accuracy on a consistent level, I think he also has a lot of traits that translate to early success. He reads defenses well before and after the snap, moves extremely well within the pocket, and delivers the ball on time, allowing pass-catchers to make plays. If Manziel is available here, he could certainly be the pick, but Bridgewater is no consolation prize on my board.

Kiper has the Texans selecting Manziel #1, with Greg Robinson and Jadeveon Clowney going 2 and 3 respectively. This still leaves Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, Jake Matthews and Sammy Watkins on the board for the Browns. Bridgewater doesn’t have the ceiling that either Manziel or Bortles have but has a far higher floor. Many can see the two other QBs falling flat, or getting injured often, where Bridgewater should be a solid starter for years in the league. He may not ever be a top echelon guy but should be good enough to lead the team to the playoffs. Kiper’s statement about the Browns talent seems to be the growing understanding and thought around the league, they have some talent to take the next steps. Adding to the talent is having pick #26 which Kiper has the Browns selecting…

Davante Adams * Cleveland Browns (4-12) (From IND) COLLEGE: Fresno St. AGE: 21 HT: 6-2 WT: 214 POS: WR

Analysis: There’s a decent chance the Browns will be working with an inexperienced quarterback taking the snaps in 2014, and while Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron are enticing matchup threats, the Browns could really use a reliable third option, because beyond those two, drops and inconsistency were an issue. In Adams, you get a strong receiver who will make plays in traffic and beat defenders for the ball on contested throws. If the Browns go QB at No. 4, they could decide to add pass-catching help by the time they get to this slot. They’ll have some good options, so fit will be key.

Just like McShay, Kiper has the Browns selecting Adams. Adams’ stock rose this year with his partnership with Derek Carr. Carr’s deep arm made up for some of Adams’ route running issues. Kiper has 4 WR and TEs taken after the Browns select Adams, including Brandin Cooks,  Jace Amaro, Jarvis Landry and Allen Robinson all of whom have been linked to the Browns. Also Bradley Roby is available to fill the Browns CB position on the other side of Joe Haden.

How do you feel about Bridgewater selection? Would you rather have Bortles? Would you rather have another position filled? Does the fact that Kiper and McShay both have the Browns selecting Adam encourage you or scare you?

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