A Look Forward in NFL Free Agency: Cleveland Browns

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The Cleveland Browns have officially made 4 moves in free agency as well as losing both T.J. Ward and Shaun Lauvao. Adding Donte Whitner, Karlos Dansby and Isaiah Trufant as well as signing Andrew Hawkins to an offer sheet, that the Bengals are expected to match, is a good start but not the splash that many fans were hoping for. The Browns still have needs at running back, wide receiver, offensive line, secondary and linebacker. Thankfully there are still a few players at those positions that the Browns could take a run at. Quarterback is also a need after the release of both Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell but high level talent at that position is few and far between, though options still avail themselves.

Rumors have the Browns in talks with a number of players and based on the signings that have already been made expect a veteran or two to be added to the offensive side of the ball. That could be at any number of positions but the front office obviously saw the lack of veteran leadership that led to the signing of Whitner and Dansby. Adding similar players to the offense could help move the team forward on that side of the ball. We will take a look at a few players that could fill needs of the team, starting with the dearth of QB options:

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  • William Scott Eltzroth

    This is why the Brown`s suck from year to year. We need a few C.B.`s and there were some good one`s out there that could have helped and saved us draft choices possibly, but hell no, we let the professional football team`s pick them up and we sit back, sign the trash no other team want`s and spin it as brilliant moves. Where are the W.R.`s to join Gordon and who ever we draft, if they feel we need to draft a W.R. that is. With this front office, we may only draft place kicker`s, punter`s and longsnapper`s with our first 3 pick`s then trade the rest of the pick`s to the 49er`s or Raven`s or Steeler`s or Broncos or the Patriot`s because our front office feel`s like this is a poor draft year again and we all know how much smarter they are than anyone else in the league.
    This team will not sign R.B. Ben Tate because he was here and left, if a player leaves the building, then you aint singing him. Same for W.R. Julian Edelman, L.B. Arthur Moates I see them not signing any more players saying they will save the cap space, just so we have the most useless cap space there if we pretend that we may spend some. Even the team`s that we thought sucked more than us are signing player`s that are good left and right, Raider`s and Jaguar`s are now better than the Expansion Clowns…

    • Brian Barker

      Ok So They signed Tate And We For Sure Not Winning With The Guys We Had So It’s Time To ShIP TheM Out

  • Jarod Cook

    I had such high hopes going into this FA we had $50 mil in cap space and seemed like they were going to make a few big splashes. I understand it’s Cleveland and it’s hard to attract FA’s to come here, but so far this year the splashes they’ve made would be like throwing a pebble into lack Erie. Dansby and Whitner we’re filling self made holes with players who are older then the ones they let go. Browns PR is trying to say they’re better then both DQ and Ward, but I’m not buying it. DQ should’ve gone to 3-4 pro bowls based on his stats but was passed over cause he played for the Browns. Dansby has only been to 1 and got passed over for another 1. IMO Whitner was the weak link in 9ers secondary last year, his aggressive play is just like Wards, both would get caught out of position in coverage just as much as the other. The one area I was most looking forward to them upgrading was the OL, but so far nothing has happened. I liked Beadles, Asamoah, and Schwartz to fill 1 of the OG slots, and then draft a OL player with 1 of their first 3 picks. But they’re already signed, and as you put it the players that are left are a buffet of choose your adventure. Personal I don’t think changing blocking schemes is going to make much of a difference, a turd is a turd no matter how much you polish it. And Pinkston and Greco are turds, they’re spot starters at best. The jury is still out for me on Schwartz, IMO he would be better off playing RG instead of RT. When they trotted Trufant out and heralded his signing like they got one of the top CB’s in FA, I just laughed at it. Speaking of which why didn’t they complete a trade for Revis, I’m sure they would’ve taking a 4th-7th round pick instead of just releasing him and getting nothing. Who are you going to pick in rds 4-7 that’s going to be as good as Revis? Did they really think they had a chance once he hit FA market? I don’t want to play the what if game, but if he played this year with Haden maybe he’d be open to restructuring his contract. They could’ve added in guaranteed money and cut his cap hit in half next season. It’s not like we’re paying a QB $20 mil a year, why not use that money to lock up 2 of the best CB’s in the game for the next 4-5 years. Now that that door has closed I’d like to see them bring in 1 of the remaining big name CB’s to play opposite of Haden. As for RB Lewis and Baker showed they are serviceable, look to the draft to bring in a 3rd or 4th RB. It never turns out well for the team that brings in a FA RB, the only way I’d take Tate is if they got him for cheap. I’d like to see them bring in Edelman he can play the slot as well as outside and has sure hands. Then in the draft I’d like to see them pick up Jordan Matthews with #26/#35 pick. That’s if they don’t take Watkins at #4, which doesn’t look like it’s going to happen now. Arthur Moats might be a good pick up he’s young and has history with HC, also with the limited action he had last year he looked good. But they still should look to grab a ILB in the middle rds of the draft with 1 of their 4 picks.