Weekly FoS 2014 NFL Mock Draft: 1st Round

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Feb 24, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks Jadeveon Clowney looks on during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We have decided to push back our weekly 7 Round NFL Mock Draft for the Cleveland Browns to Monday’s to space out the draft information overload. We also waited for awhile today to complete our Weekly FoS Weekly 2014 NFL Mock Draft to make sure no huge moves were made in free agency, and one just was: Steve Smith signed with the Baltimore Ravens. This move may not stop the Ravens from drafting a WR in the first round but gives them the flexibility to take the best player available at that point.

1. Houston Texans
Jadeveon Clowney

The Texans have done a good job of not tipping their hand in regards to this pick. It is quite possible they go with a quarterback that they can develop with Bill O’Brien, an offensive tackle to anchor the line or Khalil Mack over Clowney. When unsure go with the highest rated player and for most that is Clowney.

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)
Sammy Watkins

The Rams also are now a very interesting team in the first round. Bringing back  Rodger Saffold, who they may play at guard, could allow the team to still take a offensive tackle here.Yet Watkins looms large at this point. Pair him with Tavon Austin allows the Rams to really see what Sam Bradford can do.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars
Khalil Mack

The Jaguars have added to their defense quite a bit this off-season, and if the first two picks go in this direction could see plenty of action from the Falcons and Bucs looking to move up for Mack. Since we don’t predict trades at this point and time we have the Jags picking the versatile Mack to add to a defense that all of a sudden could change the landscape in Jacksonville.

4. Cleveland Browns
Teddy Bridgewater

Either the best or the worst possible scenario for the Browns depending on how you see the quarterback class. The Browns could look to trade down with the Bucs or Vikings who could be looking for a QB here but its possible neither have the QBs high either. Greg Robinson or Jake Matthews could also be in play here, as could Mike Evans. For those, like this writer, who like Blake Bortles check out this Big Lead article for more information that could change your mind.

5. Oakland Raiders
Greg Robinson

The Raiders were hopeful for the solid, if unspectacular Bridgewater here, instead get the left tackle they need for the long term in Robinson. The Raiders are in a similar position as the Browns were when they drafted Joe Thomas. There may be better skilled players on the board but they need to build through their lines.

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  • Jarod Cook

    With Clowney, Watkins, and Mack off the board already at #4, things look kind of bleak for the Browns. The new regime says they’re going to take best available player, which would mean they take OT Robinson or Matthews, since both are rated higher then all the QB’s of this draft. Makes sense when they didn’t bring in any FA OL to try and upgrade the line. They can move Schwartz into RG, where IMO think he’s a better fit, then they’d have a solid right side of the OL. Taking Evens at #4 would be a stretch, if they really want him find a way to trade down a couple of picks. But that would be hard to do seeing that the 3 biggest prospects are already off the board, and nobody’s saying that they MUST HAVE any of these QB’s.
    At #26 I like Shazier he’s got a nose for finding the ball, plays sideline to sideline, and doesn’t give up. But based on the needs of the teams picking in the bottom of the 1st, I fell like it’s more important to grab the WR at #26 and wait till the 2nd and grab Shazier. My preference is Jordan Matthews, IMO outside Watkins and Evens he’s the most complete product at WR. He can play the outside as well as the slot, he’s 6’3″ ran 4.46 and has good hands. If the Browns can finalize a deal with Edelman, this pick would give the Browns 1 of the best receiving cores in the NFL, when you add in Gordon and Cameron.
    Also i clicked on the link about Bortles, and I still think he’s better then Brigdewater. Scrolled down to the comments section and someone posted other players completion percentages. Bortles stats aren’t that much different then the ones listed. He needs more polish then Bridgewater right now, but he has a higher ceiling then him IMO.

  • Josh Hart

    I’ll take this for the Browns!

  • Charlie Peterson

    1st Round-first pick OT Robinson, 1st round 2nd pick Best available WR, 2nd Round -Best available CB, 3rd- Best available ILB, if they follow this they will have two rookies starting on Offensive and Defense but they will be good players their 1st year and very good going on. The Browns need quality starters with their first 4 picks in order to complete in the AFC North. Hopefully the other choices will produce at least three other starters within two years.