7 Round Cleveland Browns NFL Mock Draft

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Dec 1, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans running back Ben Tate (44) runs off the field after scoring a touchdown during the second quarter against the New England Patriots at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We posted our Weekly FoS 2014 NFL Mock Draft first round on Friday. This morning we give you our updated 7 Round Cleveland Browns NFL Mock Draft. Free Agency could still greatly impact the results of the draft and the moves the team has already has made some impact on our thinking in the draft:

Donte Whitner – The Browns will still address the safety position in the draft, with a possibility of that happening high, but when they do that player is most likely a rangy free safety type after signing Hitner.

Karlos Dansby – The signing of Dansby means the Browns don’t have to draft a inside linebacker high in the draft. The Browns still may but by filling the need hole they don’t have to reach for someone at the position. Finding a more rangy, second time already we used that term, linebacker also is an important attribute.

Ben Tate – Signing Tate doesn’t mean the Browns will not draft a running back but it does mean they will pick their position more cautiously. Like the safety and linebacker positions, the Browns can decide to take a back where they have them ranked instead of reaching for one due to a need.

There are a couple of possible moves out there that could also impact the draft:

Andrew Hawkins – The Browns could easily draft a wide receiver early but if Hawkins offer sheet is not matched by the Bengals the Browns will focus on a outside receiver over a slot type guy.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – The Browns have an invitation to DRC to come to Cleveland for a discussion. He has left seeing both the Jets and the Giants without a contract. Its possible he uses the Browns as leverage but could the Browns throw some upfront money his way and the ability to be a #2 corner for an up and coming team.

Arthur Moats – With the signing of Dansby the Browns have one ILB, Moats is rumored to be on his way to fill the second role. If he is signed it could impact early picks. The Browns could still draft the best player available, even if it is a ILB, but could pass to fill a greater need on the team. Moats isn’t a for sure player so the team won’t pass up a huge talent due to him.

Alex Mack – Mack has been transitioned tagged. He seems to be shopping his services but will struggle to find a taker. If something happens and Mack is gone the offensive line shoots up the need list, even as its already high on the list.

Now on to our 7 Round Mock

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  • Letterman007

    Not a big fan of the wide outs you chose, need at least one better than you picked!! I do like getting two QB’s as one being a project and possible starter down the line is always a good idea!! Especially with the injury history in the NFL on QB’s.. However I don’t see any offensive line help here and as of yet they don’t even have Mack signed, let alone another tackle or guard!! This must be addressed here or in free agency, and I’m not hearing of a lineman they are trying to sign!!

    • Jarod Cook

      With all the good FA OL all ready signed, I believe they’re planning on using the draft to improve it. They could instantly improve the line by taking Robinson at #4. He’s the best player left on the board and fills a need. Front office is saying they’re taking best available talent and he outshines any of the QB’s in this draft. I know taking a RT at #4 isn’t the most idle thing to do, but by the time his rookie contract will be expiring Thomas will be getting close to retirement. Why not use this pick to solidify the line for 4-5 years, and groom him to eventually take over for Thomas at LT. They then can move Schwartz into play RG. Both Robinson and Schwartz are road graders that will open up holes for the run game. Schwartz struggled a little on pass protection on the outside so moving him in, and switching to a zone blocking scheme will improve his pass protection.
      At #26 and #35 they should look to draft a WR/LB/CB. My favorite WR outside Watkins and Evens is Jordan Matthews, he’s the most complete product and should be available at #35.
      Wait till the 3rd and draft a QB and RB. I like Mettenberger and Mason/Hill
      In the 4th get a LB and WR/TE. There’s about 3-4 different ILB that should be available, and a slew of WR/TE to pick from.
      In rds 5-7 look to add depth at positions, and get another project QB I like the Brett Smith pick and he should be available in the 5-6 rd.

      • Letterman007

        You are correct, that would be a waste of the #4 pick to get Robinson! Look at last year with Fisher and Joekel and what happened!! Never spend that high of pick on a O lineman!!! You can get a decent O lineman at #26 or #35! You pick a skill position with a top 10 pick when you have a need, that means Watkins or Mathews!!! depending on what QB is available at #26, you get him and then at #35 get your lineman or flip the picks if necessary! I also like getting that second QB late in 6 or 7 and grab Smith or Connor Shaw, the Kids a winner and plays hurt and has that “it ” factor or something? He wills a team down the field!!

        • Jarod Cook

          If Mack Clowney and Watkins are off the board at #4, the Browns are in a tough position. It will be hard to find a trade partner to move down a couple spots, with the available talent remaining. The only Elite prospects left are OT Robinson and Matthews, and the QB’s who are not top 10 worthy IMO. I agree there’s a lot of OL talent at the bottom of the 1st rd but those 2 far outshine any of them. If your looking to take skill position at #4 with the team needs and best available they could go CB Dennard or Gilbert or OLB Barr, it would be a little of a stretch to take WR Evens at #4. Depending on what they do at #4 will determine what they do at #26 and #35 they need to go OL/WR/LB/CB is my order of preference. If they waited that long for a QB they mind as well wait till the 3rd rd and draft one of the second tier QB’s.

          • Letterman007

            I guess I’d have to go with Mathews at four? Got the family name , but I don’t have to like it!!

          • Jarod Cook

            I’m not a fan of the idea either but it’s better then reaching for mid round talent at the #4 pick.

          • Letterman007

            There is always hope of someone trading up a few spots and the Browns picking up another draft choice in the second or third round. Maybe someone looking for a QB, but that might be a pipe dream?

          • Jarod Cook

            Yeah that’s a pipe dream, it doesn’t seem as though anyone is saying they MUST HAVE 1 of these QB’s. And the Premier talent is Watkins, Clowney, Mack, and the 2 OT. The only 1 of those I don’t care for is Clowney, and he would make good trade bait. But the chances of him dropping to #4 are like %10. If anything The Ram’s are going to be the one’s to trade down and reap the benefits of Clowney, and still be able to acquire 1 of the top OT instead of taking them at #2.

  • Jarod Cook

    Not a fan of this draft only really agree with 3 of your picks. If you go by best available talent and needs as they stand right now. I don’t think they QB with #4 pick i think they’re going to give Hoyer a chance, and build the team around him. Following that thought process these are my picks.
    #4 OT Robinson – He’s best available talent left on the board, and would be an immediate upgrade to the OL. Move Schwartz to RG and now they’ve a road grading tandem on the right side. This gives them time to groom Roinson to take over for Thomas when he retires.
    #26 ILB Shazier – I agree with you on this pick, he’s got a nose for the ball and don’t quit attitude. Needs to add about 10-15 pounds to play ILB, but that can be easily fixed with proper diet and exercise.
    #35 WR Jordan Matthews – Outside Watkins and Evens he’s the most complete WR in this draft. He’s 6’3″ ran a 4.46, can play the outside as well as the slot, and has sure hands. Reminds me a lot of Gordon with his physic and playing style almost mimic each other. I disagree with your pick of Verret only because they already have 2 CB’s that are 5’9″. And I was sick of watching them get abused in coverage last year by bigger WR’s.
    #71 and #77 QB Best available RB Best Available – Only have Hoyer on the depth chart right now, and i don’t think he’s the answer for the future. Grab a QB who you can develop and groom for the future. They’ve got Tate, Baker, Lewis, and Ogbo on the roster now all are serviceable, but injury can easily deplete your stable in a instant. My favorites QG Mettenberger RB Mason, Hill
    #102 ILB Best available – I like your pick of Easley but on draft day don’t see him there. Most are predicting he goes in rds 1-3, but if he falls good pick up. I say choose a ILB, there should be at least 2-3 to choose from here. Dansby has only 2-3 years left in him so why not get his heir apparent, and let him learn and develop.
    #123 Best available WR or CB – There should be a slew of players at both of these positions in the draft, adding depth to the roster to either of these positions. My favorite if he’s here is WR Jeff Janis, he compares to the early pick of Matthews in size, speed and skills. He played in Div II collage but set all kinds of records for his conference and earned tons of awards. He could be a hidden gem of the draft and for a 4th rd pick I’ll take the gamble.
    All the picks on day 3 should look to get quality talent that can add depth to the team. I like your picks of Abbrederis and Smith, both can turn out to maybe be starters in the NFL. But if they get Janis no need to go after Abbrederis.
    Following these Picks they come out of the draft with 2QB 2WR 2ILB 1RB 1OT and 2 other prospects. If 5-6 of these players turn out to be quality starters, I’ll consider this draft a success.

  • Craig Barker

    I may have skipped through to fast but how could be not address the O-Line?! Not 1 guard in there and it looks that this draft will have 3 to 4 who would be starting caliber or be groomed to be.

    • Jarod Cook

      He most think they’re going to get magically better by switching to a zone blocking scheme. I was hoping they’d address it with FA, and bring in a proven starting OG. Then in the draft take a OG with the #26 or #35 pick. They still need at least 1 OG who can be a starter, cause the ones they have on the roster are back up quality.