FoS Weekly 2014 NFL Mock Draft

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Feb 22, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Auburn Tigers offensive lineman Greg Robinson runs the 40 yard dash during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The season of preparation for the NFL Draft has been full of mystery. For the most part this is due to the outstanding talent base in the first 2 rounds, the Top 4 talents in the draft and then unknown characteristics of the major quarterback prospects. As we get close to the end of March we seem to have no more information today then we did when the season ended. Actually we have more information but less of a clue then when the season ended may be a more accurate description. Free Agency has died down and teams are negotiating with fringe starter level players at this point. So lets take a stab at the first round in our FoS Weekly 2014 NFL Mock Draft

1. Houston Texans
Blake Bortles

The Texans have done a good job of not tipping their hand in regards to this pick. They could go with Jadeveon Clowney, but his fit in Romeo Crennel’s system is a concern. They could go with small school Khalil Mack but that would be a risk for a team with a strong defense. They could go with the top player on their board overall which could be Greg Robinson but offensive tackle might not fit the bill. Instead they go with a QB for Bill O’Brien to develop in Bortles. Bortles has the size, athleticism and mindset that should allow him to develop into a solid starting QB in the NFL.

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)
Sammy Watkins

The Rams also are now a very interesting team in the first round. Bringing back  Rodger Saffold, who they may play at guard, could allow the team to still take a offensive tackle here.Yet Watkins looms large at this point. Pair him with Tavon Austin allows the Rams to really see what Sam Bradford can do. Clowney would be an option here, especially in a trade, as well as Robinson but Watkins is a supreme talent that can’t be passed up.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars
Jadeveon Clowney

The Jaguars have added to their defense quite a bit this off-season. In our last Mock we had Mack here but with Clowney slipping the Jaguars snatch him up and count their blessings. They must hope that Chad Henne can hold on to the top spot at QB while a second or third rounder develops. The Jags could entertain trade offers here as well looking to further bolster their roster in a great draft. Clowney would most likely be the pick for the Browns if he falls to #4 so a team knows it has to get over them, with the reality that the Jags, Rams and Texans all could take him way before that.

4. Cleveland Browns
Greg Robinson

Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine like quality football players and seem to not be focused as much on need as talent this off-season. They didn’t over spend to get a corner, wide receiver or offensive linemen even with those needs. Instead they added solid contributors at different levels of the field that they think can help. Robinson is a stud talent that will solidify the Browns line for years to come. Instead of gambling on a QB that they aren’t sold on they take a lineman who can make an impact. It wouldn’t be a surprise for the Falcons to try to jump the Raiders here for Robinson in which case the Browns can add more picks and drop only a couple spots.

5. Oakland Raiders
Khalil Mack

Trading for Matt Schaub was a play to give the Raiders time to develop a QB. So instead of Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater the Raiders take a defender who can give their defense an identity. Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen know their jobs could be on the line and go for a homerun pick here.

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  • Ashton Yates

    By far one of the WORST MOCKS IVE SEEN!!!!!

    • Jared Mueller

      Glad to have invoked a response. Could you narrow down your thoughts at all more specifically? Would love to see what the best mock you’ve seen.

  • Letterman007

    I think Mathews the tackle from A&M would be a better choice as he has more experience and better blood lines!! I wonder if they’d take Bridgewater with Carr still there?

    • Jared Mueller

      That is a great question. We have no clue who they really like. They have done a great job of throwing around a great deal of smoke. I like Matthews but he is not the power house that Robinson is. More technique for sure but we need to stop getting pushed off the ball so easily.

      • Letterman007

        I don’t know the front office that well and they could surprise us and go in a completely different direction! The new GM seems to have the value thing, just like the previous regime had, so I just don’t know? A lot could depend on what happens at #2 with St. Louis and if there is a trade. that could throw everything to the wind !!

        • Jared Mueller

          Agree that Farmer “seems to have the value thing.” Don’t see him drafting for need only letting need decide a kind of tie breaker. Think he will obviously let how a player fits with Pettine’s defense and Shanahan’s offense play a role but doesn’t matter that we “need” a QB, WR, LB, CB etc or that our offense has more needs and the defense has been given more attention etc…. All about value and talent for that guy and I love it. Long term planning.

          • Letterman007

            I still think they need more on offense and hopefully that will be addressed in the draft! You can place a value on someone, but if he’s the beat available at time and you already have 3 ILB’s on the team, it’s time to go somewhere else of need with that pick!! If you need a corner then you go there, no matter who the best is at the backer position!!
            When the Browns get to be as good as the Raven’s or Bengal’s or the Pat’s then you can go with the best value pick, until then we really can’t afford to!! But if this draft works out and they make a few extension signings, like Hayden and Gordon, then we may be there next year!!

  • Jarod Cook

    Robinson is amazing athlete and has a lot of potential. My concerns with him are he only has 2 years starting experience at RT, and Auburn ran a simplistic run first offense where he wasn’t asked to pass block a lot or win one on one battles. If they can create a trade with ATL as you suggest and drop down 2 picks and get Matthews who I like better, and some extra picks it’s win/win for the Browns. Matthews has 4 years starting experience 3 at RT, and 1 at LT. Might not be as great as an athlete as Robinson, but he’s just as good if not better then him in many other areas.
    With there second pick I’d like to see them trade up and grab Clinton-Dix, they have the assets to make it work especially if they trade down with ATL. He’s a ball hawking safety that can play back in coverage, the type of player HC Pettina likes in his secondary. He’s like a bigger versing of Earl Thomas and would a definite upgrade over Gipson.
    If they stay put a #26 they bring in a player who can provide immediate impact for the team they still need another starting ILB and WR, also can use an upgrade at CB. My picks are LB Shazier needs to add a little weight on, but has the instincts and skills to convert to ILB. WR Jordan Matthews he lacks that ideal burst of speed to create separation from CB’s, but is the most complete WR outside Watkins and Evens if it wasn’t for that fact he would be in the same conversation with those 2. CB Fuller he’s got kind of sting bean frame but his skills, instincts, and physical playing style are what the Browns need opposite of Haden. Bit of injury concern associated with him, but I was tired of seeing the Browns 5’9″ CB’s getting abused on a weekly bases in coverage.
    I still think they should stay away from these QB’s with there first 3 picks. All need time to develop which they could do behind Hoyer, but they’ve got to may other needs to waste early picks on a project QB. They can do that with there picks in the 3rd and 4th rd. And IMO the top QB’s in this draft are no better then the supposed 2nd tier QB’s.

  • Chris McLafferty

    Can’t see offensive tackle making the most amount of sense when you already have a number one pick and one of the highest paid centers. If Cyrus drops to our 35th or more likely the 26th look for that one. But 4 will be either a QB or Watkins. No corner or safety high enough and everything else seems to be taken care of. I see the hard push on Jackson as proof they’re not thinking of taking Watkins