An Interesting 4 Round NFL Mock Draft: Mike Evans #4?

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Nov 9, 2013; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) and wide receiver Mike Evans (13) before the game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs at Kyle Field. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is a crap shoot. What we think we know now won’t be true in May. What we think changes doesn’t actually and a number of players that no one had in their first round NFL Mock Drafts will go in the first round. Other players that everyone “knows” will go in the Top 5 or 10 will fall out in “shocking” fashion. In the last 5 years alone each draft has had a few players show up in the 1st that few thought would: 2009: Larry English, Peria Jerry, 2010: Tyson Aluala, Tim Tebow, 2011: Christian Ponder, Danny Watkins, 2012: Bruce Irvin, Shea McClellin, Brandon Weeden, Harrison Smith, 2013: Justin Pugh, Kyle Long, Travis Frederick. None of that is to say those are bad players, some are, but that they were all surprises in the first round in the last 5 years.

Now on to a interesting NFL Mock Draft that we came across last night from Detroit Lions Draft. They did a 4 round NFL Mock Draft that included some trades in the first round. They created scenarios that are very real for the up coming draft including some surprises that involve the Cleveland Browns:

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  • Jarod Cook

    Taking Evens at #4 and passing on Watkins is a interesting pick for sure. Not to say Evens is bad but he’s kind of limited in his role’s for the team IMO. He can only really work the sideline and end zones, will be great target if your looking for some body over the top. Verses Watkins can play both the outside and in the slot, working a lot of under neath throws and turning them into big gains. At #4 I think they take the more versatile Watkins over Evens, if they trade down Evens wouldn’t be to bad of a pick up. Personal I’m hoping they take OT Robinson or Matthews, and actually look like they’re trying to BUILD A TEAM.
    At #26 I still dislike all the QB’s who are supposed to be the top talents. And I dislike Manziel the most, I’m hoping they show patience and wait till the 3rd round to draft a QB(Don’t see it happening). Personal I’d like to see them trade this pick up and grab either FS Clinton-Dixon or Pryor both would fit well into Pettina’s system, and would be a noticeable upgrade in the secondary.
    At #35 doubling up on WR’s early seems like a waste and a luxury pick this early in the draft, when the team still has needs at OL, CB, and ILB. I like Benjamin outside Evens and Watkins he’s the most complete NFL ready WR in this draft IMO. I personal would like to see them take an OL player with one of their first 3 picks. As you pointed out most fans will be angry cause it’s not the sexy pick of taking a skill player, but this is how you build teams. Taking a impact OL player early can secure a spot on the OL for the next 10-12 years. I’m tired of watching them take OL players late in the draft, who turn out to be backups at best and end up being starters for the Browns.
    At #71 taking a RB is just a pure luxury pick. They’already have 6 RB’s on the roster and have yet to address any of the teams real needs. They can wait till the later rounds and look to take a chance on a RB there. If there’s one thing that Shanahan’s are good at it’s finding late round RB’s who can produce.
    With their 4 picks in the middle rounds they should look to bring in players who fill needs and can produce. I’m going to trust the scouts on these picks, because it’s usually hit or miss most the time anyways. This mock draft was all flash and no substance, fans might like it cause you get all these flashy players. But they’ll be picking at the top of the draft again next year if they go for something like this.

    • Letterman007

      Got to agree Jarod, But I like Watkins at #4 and I’d take Zack Martin tackle from Notre Dame and Gotta go QB at #35 and take Carr if he is still there or Garopollo if he isn’t!! At #71 I’d grab Borland ILB Wisconsin and #83 the corner from Florida State or Breeland from Clemson. Fill in the rest with best available except in the 7th round I’d grab Connor Shaw QB South Carolina!

      • Jarod Cook

        We’ve had are arguments and discussions before on the draft, I do agree and disagree with your first 3 picks it’s just a matter of opinion. And I don’t see the Browns making it out of the first 3 picks without taking a QB, but I’m still hoping. I do like Boreland but if he’s not there they should still go ILB, there should be Smallwood, Skov, and Jones available all who are starting quality ILB’s.
        As for CB’s I like Joyner but he’s to small and I don’t care how big he can play, it doesn’t matter when WR’s can just out jump him for the ball. We all saw last season how that worked out for Skrine, and how he was consistently abused in coverage. There’s about 4-5 CB’s who are slated to go in the 3rd-4th round all who are 6′+ I’d rather see them take one of those players. Personal I like Stanley Jean-Baptiste he’s a converted WR but has 2 years starting experience at CB, also with his size and skill might be able to convert him into a FS. I also like Kieth McGill from Utah, he’s an injury concern spent as much time off the field as on it in his collage career. But for a late 4th round or early 5th round pick is well worth the risk, he’s got talent.

        • Letterman007

          Don’t think Jean-Baptiste will be there in the forth round! Need a running back, maybe Bishop Shankey in the 4th round out of Washington ! Really do not know much of McGill? Breeland has some size, but will need a little coaching up! From late 4th on I would let them go best available that fits the plan!!