Weekly FoS 7 Round Browns NFL Mock Draft

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We have covered the recent deluge of NFL Mock Drafts in the last 2 days. Todd McShay’s, Don Banks’ and the 2 CBS Sports all in the last two days. Which leads us to your favorite time of the week, our 7 Round Browns NFL Mock Draft. As a reminder we use our friends as FanSpeak to simulate the rest of the teams drafts, instead of guessing and hoping who could be available when the Browns pick. Click their name in the previous sentence and try your hand at a 7 Rounder and post your results in the comment section.

Assumptions made before the draft began:

  • The Browns will draft the best player available, somewhat regardless of need.
  • The Browns have needs at QB, CB, WR, ILB and OLine as well as depth everywhere.
  • Doubling up on positions is highly likely.
  • The Browns want to compete right away but will draft for the future as well.
  • If they don’t take a QB in the first round they may try to trade #26 or 35 to get another 1st in 2015.
  • Pro Day attendance or non-attendance is meaningless.
  • As Pat McManamon stated on ESPN’s NFL Nation Blog: “… the Browns are locked tighter than a submerged submarine, concerning information”

With all that now in place we move on to our 7 Round Browns NFL Mock Draft:

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Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • GeorgiaRed

    “With Brian Hoyer on the team Bortles would not start right away, which goes against the Browns trying to compete immediately”
    Can someone explain how a QB starts 3 games, the team wins ALL 3 games, yet starting him means you’re “not trying to compete”?

    • Jared Mueller

      Sorry Red, poorly worded. What I meant for it to say is that drafting someone who may not start right away isn’t a “Compete Now” kind of move. Obviously the assumption is that Hoyer would start over Bortles and the pick wouldn’t be useful for at least another year. I think Hoyer gives us the best chance to win next year, provided he is healthy, over all QBs in this draft.

  • Jarod Cook

    I have to say I like most of your picks, no real reaching for players to just fill needs. I’m big fan of Shazier and think he’ll make a good transition into the MLB position. I like Robinson also and agree with all your points about him, but I personal am a bigger fan for taking Jordan Matthews. IMO he’s the most NFL ready WR in the draft outside Watkins and Evens. He’s a big physical WR, and probably has the best hands in the draft. Just doesn’t have what you call elite speed, but has the skills to still create separation and make the catch.

    The only pick I really don’t agree with is Bortles at #4. A top 5 pick in the draft should be able to step in and provide an immediate impact for a team. If they’re looking to draft a QB to provide competition for Hoyer and plan for the future. They should wait till the #26 or #35 pick and see who falls in the draft, and if they have the player rated high on there board go ahead and take him then. Not use the #4 pick on a guy who fits the mold, but needs work to become a great player(It never really works out). Also I don’t see Hyde dropping that far in the draft, but if he does I’ll consider the Browns the winners of day 2 of the draft.