Feb 22, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Texas A&M offensive lineman Jake Matthews runs the 40 yard dash during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Silva’s 2 Round Mock Draft


We are getting closer to the 2014 NFL Draft, one that I hope to attend one where or the other. Mock Drafts will abound between then an now. Evan Silva, from Yahoo Sports, put out his 2 Round Mock Draft which hits on 3 needs of the Cleveland Browns offense. For many fans upgrading the offense is priority #1 but will Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine decide to spend all 3 picks on offense? Hard to tell with the smoke and mirror campaign being played out so nicely in Berea. On to Silva’s Mock:

4. Cleveland Browns – Texas A&M OT Jake Matthews

Armed with ten selections in his first-ever draft, rookie GM Ray Farmer may opt to go “safe” with his first-ever pick, aiming for a top-five double rather than a home run. A strong bet to be a solid long-term starter and natural fit in new playcaller Kyle Shanahan’s zone-blocking scheme, Matthews’ addition would allow Cleveland to kick incumbent RT Mitchell Schwartz inside to guard. With Alex Mack, Joe Thomas, and John Greco returning, the Browns would suddenly boast a top-shelf offensive line. Cleveland has two more top-35 picks to address quarterback and receiver.

Sammy Watkins and all 3 top flight QBs are still on the board at this point but Silva has the Browns going safe here. Matthews is a high quality player who could create a dominate offensive line for years to come. Not getting Watkins could upset many but in a draft deep at WR it won’t be surprising. Not drafting a QB, specifically Blake Bortles who could be a perfect developmental guy behind Brian Hoyer, would be a bit surprising.

26. Cleveland Browns — Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel

I don’t pretend to know what will happen in the draft. I’m connecting dots and simply looking for reasonable explanations of why particular players might attract particular teams. And I think this year’s quarterback class is flawed, and the signal callers will not go as early as others predict. I do think the Browns make sense for Manziel, whether it’s at No. 4 or 26. New OC Kyle Shanahan has a diverse quarterback history, having tutored Matt Schaub, Rex Grossman, and Robert Griffin III. Shanahan has consistently designed his offenses to emphasize strengths and mask weaknesses. I think he would be an outstanding teacher for this year’s most polarizing quarterback prospect.

With all of the QBs on the board Silva has the Browns adding Manziel. Manziel’s fit in the Shanahan scheme has been mentioned often. He can do well with roll outs, play action and the occasional planned runs. With all 4 of the top guys still on the board it wouldn’t be shocking to see the Browns pass on QBs again here and hope they would be there in the second round, or trading back into the first to get a 3rd first round pick. In Silva’s draft all but Bortles would still be on the board at 35.

35. Cleveland Browns — USC WR Marqise Lee

I believe Penn State’s Allen Robinson should be considered by Cleveland here, but Lee is more of a vertical threat and arguably a superior tactical complement to alpha-receiver Josh Gordon.

Lee is a prospect that was expected to go much higher in the draft at the beginning of the year but has fallen down. He runs precise routes and could be a dynamic playmaker for the Browns. Silva’s note about Robinson echoes this writers who really likes the idea of Robinson paired up with Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron and Andrew Hawkins.

What grade would you give Silva’s draft if this played out in a few weeks?

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  • Letterman007

    Got to agree on the Robinson theory, I like his height and athleticism !! I just can’t see them picking Manziel, but have heard rumors Haslam really likes him, but some of the other coaching staff likes Carr. I am coming over to the Robinson, the tackle, Mathews pick at # 4, still don’t like Mack !!

    • Jarod Cook

      Like I pointed out a couple weeks ago, he has Farmer making the safe pick, and taking 1 of the top OT players. Many people might not like it, cause it’s not the flashy pick of a QB, WR, or top defender. But as he points out taking a top OL prospect usually is the safe pick, and they’ll be around for years to come. Not to mention it pays dividends in the running and passing game.

      I like how he stays patient and watches as how the QB’s drop, and still has the pick of the litter at #26. IMO QB’s will drop like they did last year, but not all of them will be there at #26. Most likely 1 or 2 will be off the board. Not to big of a Manziel fan either, don’t want to call him a Bust, but it’s just hard to tell how he’ll do in the NFL. Not to much a fan of Carr either, had the offers to play at much larger programs against better competition. But instead chose to play at Fresno State, and be the big fish in a small pond. I’m just as leery with him as I am with Manziel. After watching Roethlisberger be a thorn in their side for the last decade, and Bortles compares a lot to him, I believe they’d take him. If he starts falling down the draft board wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns made a trade up to acquire him.

      For the #35 pick I’d like to see them take a WR. The only one I don’t like is Cooks, and if he’s available I hope they pass. He’s nothing but a slot receiver who’s afraid of contact. He tends to try and avoid going across the middle, and looks to run out of bounds as soon as he catches the ball. His numbers where inflated by the gimmick offense that Oregon State runs. Lee would be a value pick if he’s available at #35, but will probably be gone.

      • Letterman007

        I sure hope Allen Robinson is there at #35, as I said I like him and if Odell Beckham is gone I like Robinson! Offensively I still like Watkins at #4, but realize they need to strengthen the o line and am coming around to the Mathews or Robinson pick and get the receiver later!. Your right we don’t need another slot type receiver as they have at least three on the roster now!!
        If they don’t take Bortles at #4 I think he’s gone! I hate to see them trade up to get anyone, we need all those picks to fill holes or create depth! All of the big four quarterbacks scare me one way or another. I am hoping they get one of them at #26 and maybe get another one late in the 6th round, someone like Shaw or Smith. Kind of hedge our bets and create depth there too.It would be nice!!
        But we still need a running back and corner and at least a linebacker, if not another pass rusher. It will be very interesting to see the whole thing lay outand I hope it brings the Brown’s into the playoff picture for years to come!!

        • Jarod Cook

          These 4 WR’s I’d like to see them take at #35 Matthews, Robinson, Moncrief, or Lee, and one of them should be available. I know some people would like to see them take a CB early, but if it isn’t Dennard or Gilbert I’d say wait till the mid rounds and grab one there. There’s a lot of 6′+ CB’s who are slated to go in those rounds, while most of the early picks are 5’10″ or shorter.
          With 4 picks in the 3rd and 4th rounds, they should be able to fill all those needs. I’d rather see them pick a FS before they get another pass rusher. Getting either FS Bailey or Reynolds in the 4th would be a good pick up, and I believe that they could challenge for the starting job.

          • Letterman007

            I’ve been doing my due diligence, and have heard that Denard may fall into the second round and may be available at #35. If not I have my eye on a surprise named Jaylan Watkins out of Florida!! Yes Sammy’s brother, who has been climbing up the draft board and is said to have a higher ceiling than Purifoy.
            As far as a wide out I would rather have the other Watkins, but would settle for Robinson or Moncrief !! Not a huge fan of Lee, but Mathews is OK too!
            I keep hearing that Haslam and Pettine like Manziel, but the position coachs really want Sammy Watkins!! Probably another smoke screen but ley’s wait and see! I know one thing, this draft is sure heating up the internet!!