Oct 13, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden (3) is tackled by Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (90) during the third quarter at FirstEnergy Stadium. The Lions beat the Browns 31-17. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Is Ndamukong Suh Worth Trading Down from #4 to #10?


The Cleveland Browns may be in the sweet spot of the NFL draft. History general has had the Browns 1 or 2 spots away but in a draft with 4 stud players the Browns have the fourth pick, instead of the 5th or 6th that has seemed to be their luck. Many teams have been said to be interested in moving up for Sammy Watkins, Khalil Mack and Jadeveon Clowney (almost no way he is there at #4). The Browns have needs that Watkins, Mack and Clowney, along with Greg Robinson, Jake Matthews and others, could fill at #4 but could they be willing to move down? Ndamukong Suh may be available via trade according to CBS Sports:

The Lions are exploring trading standout defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, according to Bleacher Report.

Suh hasn’t attended the start of Detroit’s voluntary offseason workouts and he’ll make a base salary of $12.55 million this season (and will count $22.4 million against the 2014 salary cap) — and because he’s considered a team leader (as well as one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL), this has struck some in the organization as disappointing.

Or, at least, a little bit curious, especially as the team tries to get integrated with a new coaching staff.

(We couldn’t find the link to the BR story so had to go with this one from CBS Sports which mentions the report.)

Should the Browns be interested in Suh? He would fit in at 3-4 defensive end and give the team a disruptive front 7 to rival the best in the game. Yet he also is due a contract extension, along with what seems like all of the Browns good players. Would he be worth the trade and money needed to keep him around?

He hasn’t played in the 3-4 defense but needless to say he would be a stud no matter what system he plays in. He would give Mike Pettine a disruptive line that could all play multiple positions in his hybrid scheme. The linebackers would be freed up to make more plays as both Suh and Phil Taylor would need double team attention on most plays. The defensive backfield would have to cover for less time given all the pressure the front 7 could put on them.

The Browns may be able to acquire Suh by simply moving down from 4 to 10. Some trade proposals actually assume the Lions would have to give up more, say a 3rd round pick, to make that type of move. The Browns could acquire another 2nd day pick, Suh and only have to move down 6 spots. At that point they could take one of the QBs that might fall, possibly be in line for Justin Gilbert at corner or even Mike Evans at WR.

Suh has tons of leverage in contract negotiations, no matter what team has him:

As former NFL agent Joel Corry writes, a franchise tag for Suh in 2015 would cost about $26.87 million, and that gives Suh plenty of leverage to land a friendly long-term extension with Detroit if the Lions want to keep him.

So the Browns would have to be confident in their ability to re-sign Suh to a contract that they deem appropriate. It would be an ultimate win now move for the team. The Lions would likely only make the move if Watkins was available at #4. Many would be disappointed in not getting one of the top 4 guys but the idea of Suh in Cleveland would move the needle, even if the contract cost is huge.

Would you make the deal? What do you think of Suh’s worth to the Browns? Who would you target at #10 then?

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  • Letterman007

    I’m not sure I want an influence like Suh in the locker room, as he is a hot head and why have the Lions, all of a sudden, want to split ties with him?? We don’t need to take on some one ‘s troubles at this time when we are trying to turn around this franchise and change the attitude of this organization!!

    • Jared Mueller

      Don’t disagree with you on the attitude. They are looking at possibly trading him because Megatron and Stafford’s contracts really hamstrung the team. Thankfully the Browns don’t have a lot of players from the old CBA. Those rookies contracts make their 2nd contracts required to be huge…. What do you think of his fit playing in Pettine’s 3-4?

      • Letterman007

        He would be force on the line, but I just don’t think he is affordable in the long run! To have a really good team they need to keep what they have together. This leaves no room for signing players like Gordon , Cameron and such!!

    • Jarod Cook

      Suh has never really been a distraction in the locker room, or off the field. He’s made a couple of questionable moves on the field that has resorted in fines and suspensions. But it’s only made him into one of the most feared DL players in the league. As pointed out in the article adding a player like Suh to the front 7 would only better the team.
      Getting Suh and the #10 pick for the #4 pick is a steal, there’s still going to be quality talent on the board at the #10 pick. They could look to grab Gilbert, Evens, Ha Ha, Mosely, or take a QB. Getting one of those players and Suh as well as still having the #26 and #35 pick, we defiantly make the Browns winners of this draft.
      The big issue would be resigning him after this season. With already having to get extensions for Haden, Gordon, Cameron, and Taylor, don’t know if there’s going to be enough money to go around. One way the could sign them all is more guaranteed money or bonuses that don’t go against the cap, but that would also cut into Haslem’s pocket. Don’t think any owner is willing to do that, but it would at least be putting his money where his mouth is, by backing up his claim for wanting a winning team.

      • Letterman007

        It would more than likely a one year rental, as his contract would force the browns to bid ado to Suh! , I’d rather keep Gordon and Haden, Cameron and Taylor! So frankly I would rather have Watkins, or Clowney, or Robinson locked up. I still think Suh would a distraction which we don’t need !!

        • Jarod Cook

          I agree it will take some major GM skills to keep all these players, especially if they trade for Suh. But here’s a break down of the Browns fiances, right now they have $30 mil and have to allocate about $5 mil to signing rookies. So they should have about $25 mil by the time training camp starts this year. Also they have a little over $15.5 mil in dead money that will come of the books after this year, and the cap is expected to rise $8-$10 mil again next year. So taking these numbers into account they should have about $48-$50 mil available next year. So yet again the Browns are expected to be one of the teams with the most cap space next year.

          Gordon and Haden are both going to require max contracts to lock up, Cameron will depend on what happens to Jimmy Graham, and Taylor and Rubin will need above average to keep. Hopefully they can get some of these contract extensions worked out before the start of the season, but at this point doesn’t seem likely.

          Let’s say they go ahead and trade for Suh, his cap hit this year doesn’t matter since they have the space. They could try to work out an extension this year, yet again doesn’t seem likely. So after the season they can look to transition tag him and let other teams do the work for them like with Mack, cause Franchise tagging him is out of the question, or let him walk. It looks like they’re going to let Rubin walk so they can take the $7-8 mil it would’ve costed to keep him and roll it into Suh’s salary.

          Like I said early they have the salary cap space available. It’s just going to take some serious GM skills to keep them all. If Farmer can convince Hasslem to put his money where his mouth is, and open up his wallet. There is no reason why they can’t keep them all. Also players like winning as much as fans do, they’re willing to take less if it means winning more. The Browns are a team on the verge of success and most ppl around the league can see it, who’s to say that these players won’t take less to say.

          • Jared Mueller

            Key thing to remember is that all cap space can rollover now. So its not like in past years where you use it or lose it. So if we have 25 million this year and 35 next we actually have 60. Doesn’t make it easier always but it should help. It is why front loading contracts isn’t as helpful as it used to be but why we could have a good amount of space to keep our guys. So getting Suh actually does impact next year even if we don’t think about signing him. His cap hit, say 14 million, gets taken off the 25 million carryover.

          • Jarod Cook

            I forgot about how money rolls over now, so that makes even more cap space available! Like I pointed out earlier they would have 48-50 mil available next year, but with roll over salary it would be closer to 75 mil. The thing is they also have to spend 90% of the money next year if i remember correctly. Ad if that’s the case the trade makes even more sense.
            As I look at the numbers at what the players are earning this year, and add on top of that what their new salary is going to be they should have enough to get deals done. Especially with the amount of cap space they should have.
            Again going back to the trade if they get Suh, it make a rollover of 11 mil. So now the Browns will have a little over 60 mil available next year. Let’s say they only want to keep their premier players like Gordon, Haden, Cameron, Taylor, Suh, Sheard, and Rubin. From what they make this year to what their market value is going to be, would eat about 40-50 mil of cap space. So the still would have about 10 mil in space left to sign the mid level talent. Or they can choose not to sign Rubin since they’ll have Suh and save about 6-7 mil to be used else where.

  • Todd Limpert

    I would make the trade and take Gilbert at 10 that would make the Browns a top 3 D pick up a ILB in the thrid round! You would still have 26 and 35 for a QB and WR beside all the other picks in the 3rd and 4th round to make the O better!! To me its a know brainer! But i always believe D Wins Championships!!

  • Craig Barker

    If this is on the table, you absolutely have to take this trade! You can potentially get a probowler along with a top ten draft pick for only your top pick. I would even through in Ruben with it if they needed him to make it work, since he is probably on his way out the door at the end of the year. I cant emphasize enough on how much you have to make this move.