Feb 22, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine speaks at the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Browns HC Mike Pettine On Mike & Mike In The Morning - Interesting Quotes

Mike & Mike In The Morning made their annual trip to Cleveland. Over the past few years the Cleveland Indians have been doing very well at the point that ESPN arrives, only to fall off quickly following. Hopefully this year they also change the success of the team, from playing poorly to winning. Cleveland Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine visited the guys this morning as well. He had some interesting comments and thoughts that we wanted to cover for the fans who weren’t able to listen:

It is important that we get off to a good start and earn some credibility with the fan base but as we said all along we don’t want to win off-season championships. We want to be relevant in the fall and winning games. Making the city of Cleveland proud then.

  • Nice to hear the focus on long term and not the off-season but also noting the importance of earning credibility with fans. Joe Banner often seemed to take the fans for granted and that rubs fans the wrong way.

(Johnny Manziel and the Media) Out of the gate we didn’t want it to be a huge crush on the rookie class. We had some young guys who weren’t media savvy (Desir and West). I think it really got misinterpreted. We are in the business of football and anything that negatively impacts the team we are going to eliminate it or limit it.

  • Correct focus for a coach for the organization, especially the PR and marketing departments, other business interests can sometimes win out over good football decisions.

(On the QB Competition) Brian Hoyer is the starter. There is nothing he put on tape that says he can’t be a competent starter in the NFL. Manziel is going to compete for the job. We are in the business of putting the best 11 on the field.

  • Interesting wording. He was very decisive that Hoyer was the starter but that with limited tape, Manziel’s draft position and how much they like Manziel that they will have a real competition. Noting his draft position is a little concerning as that could give Manziel an edge just based on that. Letting a QB sit for a year seems to be the best bet and hope for long term success.

(First thing he wanted to do as a head coach) It was important to establish our identity. We wanted to build this team on toughness. Not just the physical toughness but the mental side as well. We understand the history here. We acknowledge the history but we can’t carry the weight. We want to break out of that rut and change the culture here. Getting the mental changed here is more important then the physical.

  • #ChangeTheNarrative

(Can you win with defense) I think Seattle proved it last year. If you don’t have the Bradys or Mannings or Brees, those elite elite guys. I think it is tried in true that defense wins. Its going to keep you in ever game. I think playing great defense and running the football is a still a formula for success.

  • Think they have shown those 2 things are important in their off-season moves where they have added to their defense and to their running game. It may be a passing league but the ability to stop people and gain yards on the ground is still very important, if not as fun.

(On Josh Gordon) We have had no news from the league. It is something that the league doesn’t permit us to speak on. Behind close doors we’ve talked about the possibilities and we do have a plan going forward.

  • Well at least they have a plan and his response makes it clear that something is in the works, the closest thing to admitting it as he could come. Fans want flashy outside players but teams are built from the inside out. A good running game, solid QB play and food field position from the defense will make our receivers look much better.

(Less time with the players in new CBA) We have literally planned our days out to the minute. You have to make sure you are efficient and organized.

  • A vital important thing these days is how teams use their time. They need to be detailed without being militant to the players. Having everything already scripted out down to the minute should help maximize their time together. With so many rookies and young players, as well as a whole new system, time is of the utmost importance for the Browns.

Did you listen to Pettine this morning? Anything stick out to you? 

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