NBA Draft: What I Expect to Happen

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Mar 21, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; Kansas Jayhawks guard Andrew Wiggins (22) dribbles past Eastern Kentucky Colonels guard Isaac McGlone (5) and Orlando Williams (15) in the first half during the 2nd round of the 2014 NCAA Men

The NBA Draft is this Thursday!

No that is not the whole article, just a poke at a article from a few years back. I do expect the NBA Draft to happen this Thursday but this will be much more detailed then that. Important to understand that this is what I expect to happen given all the information we have, inferences into what we know of David Griffin and all the different rumors that have been spread. This is not what I want to happen per se, though I am pretty excited for all the possibilities for the Cavs on Thursday and this off-season. Without further build up:

With the First Pick in the 2014 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers Select….

Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins is ready now to play defense in the league and his offense has its usage to start off with. While many point to Jabari Parker as most NBA ready that is only from the other side of the floor from Wiggins. Parker’s offense is ready but defense is severely lacking. It seems Wiggins offensive floor is high while Parker’s defensive floor is much lower. With David Blatt coming in his offensive system should help role players score and be put in positions to succeed. The Spurs system made Tiago Splitter, Boris Diaw and others seem more then competent on offense. Wiggins can run the floor, shoot a bit, slash to the hole, finish alley oops and the form on his shot is good enough to be a spot up shooter.

I do not believe that Wiggins will remain with the Cavaliers though on draft night. The other reason the Cavs make this pick is that Wiggins is the player every team would be trading for. Reports are even the Utah Jazz, if they traded up to #1, would be for Wiggins. The Cavs select the player they think could play well for their team then have all the leverage in trade discussions during and right after the draft. Think about the Chris Webber and Penny Hardaway (apologies for the cheesy background music):

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  • Sunshine State, OH

    I don’t know why the Cavs wouldn’t simply draft Wiggins and keep him. It seems like such an obvious move and the guy will likely become an NBA great in time. If the issue is keeping the 3 open for a guy like LeBron then Wiggins can develop as a 2 or come off the bench early on, assuming there’s any real likeliness to LeBron returning or a similar scenario. Realistically, betting on Wiggins and avoiding these guys who are in their prime, LeBron included, seems so much better because Wiggins will be entering his along with the rest of the core. Imagine a healthy Bennett playing with Kyrie, Wiggins, and an evolved Zeller, along with a few other throw-ins and maybe even an additional superstar we obtain from a trade down the line (a la TT and Dion trade, if that happens, though for the record I want to keep Dion). The only regret I have is that developing through the continued drafting of young players will mean Varejao becomes useless to us by the time we are capable of making deep playoff runs, unless we get there in like a year or two and he doesn’t drop off the charts in energy. I just hope he can keep up his work ethic and avoid major injury for maybe another 4 or 5 years.

    If this isn’t all a smokescreen or part of a plan to trade-rape some other team into giving us a superstar, then I want nothing to do with it. Keep Wiggins, Cavs. Be smart. A lineup of Kyrie, Dion, Wiggins, Bennett, and Andy is elite in a few very short years. Blatt will figure it all out and create a Pop-like death-machine-team for Cleveland.

    • Letterman007

      Even though I’m a big proponent of drafting Embiid anyhow, if they aren’t then Wiggins is the pick as he can play two positions and the new coach will bring out his offense. The Cav’s need players that can play defense as the ones they have are lacking in that! Even if they think LBJ is coming back, he needs to look at his minutes on the floor and not play so many or end up like Dwayne Wade!! Therefore Wiggins can heilp limit LeBron’s minutes and also play a guard position. I just think Embiid is our Duncan and how many times does a player come along with those tools??

  • Nick Dudukovich

    I agree with the post. Wiggins will be the pick. But I don’t foresee a trade. As Jared pointed out, Wiggins can already play defense, and that’s on top of his amazing offensive potential. It’s easy to overlook defense, but think about it. If your team gets deep in the playoffs, you need an elite defender to guard the other team’s top wing player.I really wanted Embiid. He looked like the real deal. I still believe the best way to a title is a big man. The Spurs play team ball, but it sure has helped they’ve had Tim Duncan!

  • Sunshine State, OH

    The Cavs will have the best 1,2,3,4 lineup in the league in a few years if they pick and keep Wiggins. Getting a star big man is no easy task, but falling in love with a guy who might go the route of Oden is an unnecessary risk. I strongly believe that they need to simply chase a big who has proven himself, skill and health -wise, through free agency and let the rest of the group develop. Hell, even Zeller could look like a star with that group around him (KI, Dion, Wiggins, Bennett) as he would draw no attention and could score basically unopposed when double teams shift to the others. We might even be set, really, given that we also have Andy and he is still a force on the inside when he’s healthy. He just needs to be splitting minutes with Zeller and they will be pretty formidable inside.

    • Joe

      Draft and retain Wiggins and be patient a short while longer.
      This team is incredibly laden with raw potential.
      Zeller, Sergey and Delly are also rotation pieces and all young.
      And Andy should retire a Cavalier.

  • Jarod Cook

    I only see two options that might actually happen.
    The first, Cavs draft Wiggins and look to develop him with their other young players. Gives them the opportunity to trade Waiters or Irving if they get good offers.
    The second option is a trade with 76ers. They’ve got the most pieces, and are willing to make bold moves in there rebuilding process.