May 26, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) drives to the basket against Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert (55) in game four of the Eastern Conference Finals of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Hibbert a Big Trade Option for Cavs?

Today might be moving day. Does Chris Bosh move to Houston? Does LeBron James let Pat Riley know that he is moving back to Cleveland? Or does Twitter explode from everyone hitting refresh all day long? For the Cleveland Cavaliers it seems like a few moves might be up their sleeves as they look to bring James back. First and foremost is moving Jarrett Jack‘s contract to free up space. The other could be a move for a big man to play with James. We have covered possible moves for Kevin Love, Chris Bosh and Al Horford. To read those click their names below and they will open in new windows:

Kevin Love     Chris Bosh     Al Horford

Today we take a look at a different kind of big from the shooters above. Today it is Roy Hibbert. The big man who gave James fits over the last few years seems like he might be on the outs with the Indiana Pacers. According to a Sporting News report the Pacers are quietly shopping him:

“They’re open to making major changes, if they’re there,” one general manager told Sporting News. “I think they’d be disappointed to see that same core group back intact, so it is a matter of, how drastic can the changes they make be? Moving Hibbert for multiple pieces would be a pretty drastic change, but they’re asking.”

Sounds like they have an idea of what they are looking for in a move for Hibbert. They are also struggling through contract negotiations with Lance Stephenson. For the Pacers a trade with the Cavs could make some sense. Adding Dion Waiters, Anderson Varejao and a pick could allow them to move on from Stephenson, still have a defensive center (though far less shot blocking) with more range and a pick to continue to upgrade their roster through the draft.

Hibbert’s fit with the Cavs looks a little different then the other big men we have mentioned. He would instantly provide strength and shot blocking in the post. Yet throughout the last season and the playoffs he could quickly disappear. At his size he should never go a game without a rebound but he did that a few times last year. He would then have games where he would look dominate on both ends of the floor.

The Cavs new offensive system will be built on shooting and floor spacing which Hibbert gives none of. Yet if paired with a stretch 4 his offensive limitation would be minimized. He could be used to set big screens and roll off of those for interior scoring that is still needed in the league. As the floor gets spaced Hibbert will have room to operate in the interior. Tristan Thompson and Hibbert would struggle to share the floor together.

On defense Hibbert along with James and Andrew Wiggins would be a lock down defense. Wiggins and James would guard the 2 best wing players while Hibbert roams the paint. The 3 high caliber defenders would take pressure off Kyrie Irving and whoever played at the 4 spot, Anthony Bennett could be an option next to Hibbert.

Hibbert’s contract has 2 years and $30 million left on it which fits along with the rest of the players that the Cavs could look to add through other moves. It also limits the long term commitment to Hibbert if he doesn’t fit with the team. The Cavs would need to move similar salaries so adding Scotty Hopson would be added to make the salaries work. The Pacers may ask for another player or pick but if David Griffin and David Blatt see Hibbert as a key piece that shouldn’t be a problem.

What do you think about Hibbert to the Cavs?

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