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Sheridan Report: Details Emerge from LeBron James' Meeting With Miami Heat & More

SheridanHoops.com founder and publisher Chris Sheridan is sticking with his story that LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The former Associated Press and ESPN writer added that James will make his decision public before he leaves for the World Cup final this weekend. The announcement is expected to be posted on LeBronJames.com, according to Sheridan.

James met with Pat Riley for an hour Wednesday to tell the Heat president he was returning to Cleveland.

Per Sheridan:

“James met with Miami Heat president Pat Riley on Wednesday in Las Vegas to deliver the news, and Riley did his best to try to get James to reconsider, comparing the stability of the Heat organization to the relative instability of the Cavs, who have a meddling owner and have changed general managers and coaches several times in the past few years, according to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity.”

Apparently, the chance for James to return home and deliver the city its first championship since 1964 is too good a story to pass up, and the Akron native is all about building his legacy. What better way to do so than making a winner out of a town whose teams have spent four decades coming up short?

Sheridan writes:

“The Cavs were the only team able to offer James something no one else could: Redemption. Let us not forget that we are reaching the four-year anniversary of ‘taking my talents,’ Jim Gray, Cavs fans burning jerseys and Dan Gilbert wrongly predicting more championships for Cleveland than Miami in his infamous comic sans stream-of-consciousness Internet post — a post that was purged from the Cavs’ Web site overnight Sunday.”

Sheridan appeared on the Kiley and Booms Show, which airs on 92.3 The Fan. He appeared around 9:30, which was an hour after his scheduled time. Sheridan had cancelled the original interview, according to the hosts.

Initially, the hosts were irate Sheridan backed out, and one of the broadcasters (not sure if it was Kiley or Booms) called him out when he finally appeared. The back-and-forth led to some awkward radio moments.

Sheridan was curt at some points, asking why he was being interrupted when answering a question. He also had this to say when asked about how close he is to the source giving him  his information.

“What kind of question is that? Next question,” Sheridan said.

When asked if he’d stake his pro reputation on his report, Sheridan replied “He’s 100 percent coming back to cleveland…the decision has already been made…”

The basketball blogger also addressed the Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love rumor that’s been rumored to take place should James sign with the Cavs.

“I don’t think the Cavs are going to give up Wiggins in a Kevin Love deal. i think the Cavaliers will put together any other combination of guys, excluding Kyrie Irving…but they’re not going to give up Andrew Wiggins…Wiggins is a special talent and Cleveland has no interest whatsoever in losing him.”

Sheridan also reminded listeners Love doesn’t want to play in Cleveland, and Kiley and Booms responded by citing the report stating Love would sign a long-term deal in Cleveland if James committed to northeast Ohio.

Sheridan responded by saying he was just passing along the info he had been given.

And if you want more confirmation of James’ return, there’s always the word of a web developer, who says James has templates on his website that match the Cavs colors, via Waiting For Next Year.

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  • sharmarke

    Another dumb move by cavs, why they would NOT give up wiggins for love. LOVE is a top 10 player I personally think top 5. And he is one of the superstars who gets significantly better every yr and is freaking STILL 25. Wiggins will be nice but I honestly dont think he will ever be arguably a top 5ish player. This dumb gm or owner act like after lebron leave they cant build around love and Irving. And from what ive heard Love is a piece blatt liked very very much for his system. Plus id much rather see wiggins play with rubio. Other than cp3 rubio gets the most out of players and he will have more opportunities on a wolves team without love. Plus id really like to see the wolves be good with all the bad luck they’ve been through the last couple yrs (I always root for underdogs).

    • Roland Rex

      Kyrie already has a max deal. I would sign McRoberts instead.

    • jack

      wiggins is next mj. I wouldn’t trade him for anyone in the league except lebron.

      • sharmarke

        Lol next mj. He will be good, even a allstar but I just see him as a better version if rudy gay. Should have grabbed jabari when you had the chance but I actually do like what bucks are building in wisconsin.

  • Douche Bag

    This dude sounds full of shit. I don’t believe he has a source. Anybody can make up a lie about LeBron going back to Cleveland. He’s just hoping he falls on the right side of that lie. Which is about a 50/50 shot.